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GNK Prize Structure - Achievements?

My wife and I are hosting our first event on January 12th. We’re using the NISEI GNK for a Core Experience event that’s meant to be especially welcoming to new players. We’re at a tiny game store, which will limit attendance to 12 max. After hanging onto one of the Rashidas and one of the Titans, my plan for prize support is:
Everyone gets 1 Rashida
Top Corp in each faction gets an additional Rashida
Top Runner in each faction gets a Titan
? gets playmat

I think that giving the mat to the “winner” would make it more competitively focused than I want it to be. The insert suggested achievements, which I like the idea of. I looked online and it seems like the best achievement ideas are based around league play.

Here are the ideas we’ve had/seen for one-day achievements so far:
First time at an event
Winning with zero credits
Winning with zero cards in hand
# of ice on deepest server at game end (max across games, like the rest that follow)
# of remote servers at game end
# of programs installed at game end
# of resources installed at game end
# of credits/counters on a card at game end (for Kati, I guess you’d have to divide by 3 or something)

We don’t want tracking stuff during the game to be confusing or slow people down, so we were looking for achievements that trigger at the end of the game (or before). Are any/all of these good ideas? What else could we try? Snappy names for any of the above are also welcome.


Something I’ve done in the past is ask each player to (secretly) name their favourite opponent of the day and give an extra prize to whoever gets the most votes. Might be something to consider, especially if you’re wanting to foster an attitude of being excellent to one another. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think what 3N1GM4 suggested works well. To sort of make it a bit more defined than ‘favourite’ there are a couple of routes I’ve seen tournaments go on this:

  • Most sporting, i.e. which opponent did you feel best played in the spirit of the game or
  • Most exciting play, i.e. which opponent made a particularly spectacular play (whether or not it was successful)!

I think this does have the advantage that there’s really nothing to track at all during the day (so no additional burden for new players) and it might also be an opportunity to share fun stories.


Yep, good point, I posted in a hurry, but being more specific is definitely a good idea: Most welcoming, most fun, most friendly and the like are also all good IMO.


Maybe give points for using certain low-powered IDs, or give a bounty for winning with really bad IDs?