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Going Against the Grain: Reg-Ass Maxx

I moved 32 posts to a new topic: Levy-less MaxX, and luck/skill/variance discussion


I kinda had a rude awakening yesterday when I lost two games in a row against blacklist.

Both games, my opponent kept a hawk eye on my heap and as soon as my deck got super low or a breaker of a certain type got thrown into the heap, he installed or rezzed a blacklist behind that ice (lotus field when my zu was in the heap, for example).

Both games resulted in a total loss, with me locked out of the game.

Anyone had to play against blacklist yet? Did I just get two games of bad luck? Or is this card really good hate against this deck?

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Blacklist is excellent against Maxx. Grail NEH with it has a strong maxx match.

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I feel like it should probably not be that bad if you’re aware of when it can happen. If you highly prioritize getting out your full breaker suite, is it really that much of a nightmare?

I guess if they lock your Zu out with a Lotus-Blacklist server you’re pretty fucked.

Levy and draw like mad, if after levy, be aggressive on something else. Lotus can’t be everywhere.

Blacklist also prevents the Levy

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Wierd, what happens to the cards in the heap, they just hang tight as you shuffle your HQ and deck?

As a 1 influence splash, it is kind of hard to predict unless I have some knowledge of the deck in general.

You are right, prioritizing your breakers at the cost of some aggression probably is the answer, but it can be a pretty steep cost, especially if I want to also hold onto my deja vu’s for a later deck reset.

I was just blown away by how quickly one card being rezzed changed the whole match. I had so much tempo and momentum and then I had literally lost the game. With corroder and Zu in the heap, I had no way out.

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Pretty sure you just shuffle stack and heap. Blacklist also stops a cronos project’s effects.

Considering three strong runner decks are all about recursion, Blacklist seems like such a no-brainer going into regionals.

Sounds kinda bad…

Might have to not play Reg Ass at regionals if these baltimore assholes insist on NEH Blacklist :stuck_out_tongue:


Just add some MemStrips



My question is whether it’s actually any good vs Kate. It’s obviously not BAD, but is it worth the slot? Kate is way better than Maxx at not giving a crap about losing recursion for a second. It seems like the kind of card that is mediocre unless you’re actually locking someone out.

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No, just switch to Eater/Siphon maxx, it doesn’t have this problem

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Pretty positive NEH Grail doesn’t run a Lotus Field, maybe you can just get the job done with Parasites? If you are not able to recur cards though that could be hard as well.

This was my fear. If Blacklist becomes the norm, the only real answer I can think of is packing an AI and using singularity so you can (usually) get rid of blacklist.

Even then, that won’t fit into this shell. It would be its own deck. Maybe an offshoot of EaterHole with a more stable economy that isn’t based off of siphons… so like a janky Reina-Headlock?

Netready eyes should help out slightly, but man do I want to start packing an AI just to get rid of Blacklist.

At 1 influence, I expect to see blacklist splashed in a lot of decks and for it to become a mainstay in NEH. Not only does it put the boots to MaxX, but it has some hate on Pre-Paid Kate, most Noise decks and really any shaper deck that leans heavily on clone chip or Levy.

Criminals that don’t count on recursion seem like one strong choice for regionals.

Yup. “Cards cannot leave the heap for any reason”. That includes shuffling them into your deck. So yeah, the just sit.

Well, we played the match several times and the deck just becomes a lot slower. If you see the Blacklist you have to trash it, and if you have a breaker in the bin you have to make getting it your priority. I think the main problem is that you can’t use parasite nearly as much or effectively since you need to use your clone chips right away to fetch out breakers if they land in the trash. I was never completely fucked by the card, but it forced me to move slowly enough that Niles was able to score 4-6 points by the time I was actually threatening his R&D. I failed to ever set up the full suite before it was too late. The grail threat with the Blacklist meant that I had to be set up pretty much fully before any run started on face down ICE Not knowing if you can or can’t parasite

On top of that, the econ in reg-Maxx is pretty click intensive (Kati and LA anyway), so I was finding it difficult to set up the breakers I needed through Blacklist and have enough money to make sustained runs and trash his San Sans / Blacklists if I ended up binning the imps.

The matchup doesn’t seem impossible or anything, but if they get a fast start, it looks a lot worse than it used to.


Eater + Singularity doesn’t and it hates on Ash pretty hardcore.

Account Siphon shenanigans do require recursion though and it has a rough match vs Blue Sun unless you get a lucky D4v1D.

Come on buddy, don’t rain on me raining on the parade.

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Funny thing was after the games I found myself thinking “man I wish I HAD been playing Eaterhole”.

Eaterhole got slightly better with the new current too. Maybe its worth revisiting. If nothing else than to get some perspective on how far the meta has come since O&C.