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Going Against the Grain: Reg-Ass Maxx

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/going-against-the-grain-reg-ass-maxx/

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Do you explain the name at all?


great article, I don’t wanna disparage those building or playing this list but I feel the title is a bit unfair. while MaxX Junk might be against the NRDB/casual grain, I think this list relatively builds itself and takes the route most most good players knew would leverage MaxX’s ability best.

I also have to take a bit of issue with the claim that MaxX delivers “an economic boost that surpasses any runner that has been printed to date.” I have watched countless games with MaxX and I must say, this deck cannot compete with PP Kate economy. perhaps you meant to say any Anarch runner that has been printed to date.

do you mean the deck title? It’s just saying MaxX with no tricks AKA Maxx Junk aka ‘Good Stuff’ AKA Reg-Ass.

You should stress that 3x Kati is the basis for every MaxX deck. If you get a turn 1 Kati with this ID, it’s just f***** stupid.


Yeah, I thought it was sort of self-exp


I agree with you here, this list built itself to a large degree, but cutting down to 45 and deciding on an econ package was a difficult task, so coming to a precise list to start off with isn’t trivial. Also, remember that not everyone is the greatest from-scratch deckbuilder, so providing a jumping off point right after the ID comes out is a reasonable thing to do, even if it’s nothing spectacular idea-wise, it’s also not in the public consciousness quite yet.

What I meant was that Maxx’s ID ability is the biggest econ boost printed on any runner ID, possibly with the exception of Nasir or Whizzard in the best case scenario. Drawing an extra card a turn is better than drawing 4 once, and it’s better than $1 a turn, too.


Awesome article, glad to see this version of MaxX getting more publicity. It’s not showing up for me on the homepage for some reason, but it’s in the article section.

I know you talk about it a lot, and maybe it’s just my meta, but I think I’d have a hard time with only one D4v1d. I always feel like I need my clone chips for other stuff like getting breakers or parasites.

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“Spooned could be subbed in for one of the Forks pretty easily,” should read “one of the Knifed”


I understand now. I agree.

Alternate name for the article: Anatomy of Consistency


Great writeup of this style of MaxX play; I especially like seeing matchup analysis. Thanks for putting in the work!

Consistency of Anarchy


Another typo:

"everything to a Chronos Protocol: " -> Chronos Project

I laughed a little.

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Alternate article title: “The co-opting of the revolutionary potential of youth movements by the orthodoxy of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie culture in late-stage capitalism.”


Also, almost every time you write Grimoire, the Grim portion of it links to… Grim.

I wasn’t the dingus that implemented this automated card linking shit.


Good article!

Name was so boring I expected something more.

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Watching all the games you’ve posted in the Maxx thread, I wasn’t too impressed with this Maxx vs. the Eater Maxx. Eater Maxx seems to hurt the corp in so many more ways than what this deck can do, and rarely slows down compared to this deck.

or else denying them valuable whatever-the-fucks

I loved this turn of phrase so much. It perfectly describes what makes Imp so good.

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Eater Maxx shits the bed if it can’t land account siphon. Like the old Anatomy deck, It appears to be powerful because it can land so many powerful effects, but the fact is it has a hard time funding itself against a player good enough to deny Siphon. We played a couple games of Eater Maxx vs NEH on D1ens stream and it was a blowout both times because Maxx never got Siphon money.

You also shit the best to AI hate and Crisium Grid, which everyone is now starting to play.


Yeah, this is the structure I’ve been gravitating towards. One card econ engines, regular efficient breakers and Ye Olde Parasite Recursion. I’d rather have a Utopia Shard in there for good stuff/more Scorched insurance, and I may be too in love with Wanton to give it up, but I agree with most of your choices. Clone Chip is too damn good here; she is what Exile wants to be.