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Going Against the Grain: Reg-Ass Maxx

I landed a siphon in the 2nd game and would have won with my later wontons if calim didn’t completely lucksack into his last jackson. Even just that one siphon went surprisingly far.

On the other hand, calim’s draw was awful that game, not seeing astro until 2/3 through R&D. And also, every time I fired siphon, it was slightly risky whether or not he’d be able to duck under it. You can’t play it the same way as andromeda, where you sit on it, otherwise self-sufficient, until you’re sure you can make it devastating.

Nice writeup btw.

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Yeah, agreed. Almost took Eater MaxX (call my version Giving Zero Fucks) to an SC two weeks ago, until I found that almost every one was packing Crisium. That on HQ is a bloody nightmare.

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I would love to see more articles like this posted regularly on this site. Seeing new articles by awesome players get posted really brightens my day. Being new to the game and still growing my collection of cards means I can’t quite play all the good decks yet, but I’m excited to be able to once I do have them.

My idea about the name of the deck would have been “Regular Anarch Standard Stuff”

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I took an Eater MaxX deck to my most recent Store Champs because I thought it would be fun and I actually went undefeated even against two blue sun players (with crisium online) and titan with crisium. That said, it was a 12 player tournament and my meta isn’t nearly as strong as yours.

This MaxX list definitely feels less fragile. I’m not sure on the Lucky Find though, it seems like that influence could be better spent elsewhere.


Yeah, I saw that. 12 players in Lansing, MI…

Not to denigrate that, or Dan’s 17 player win, but I’m sure those metas weren’t like the WI State Champs (we had 5+ top tier players) or one @hhooo won, that also had @Webster and @Basoon, among other top players, at. THOSE are next level slog-fests, and good tests.

Both builds show the power of MaxX as an ID. Every keeps talking about an optimal build, but, the beauty is that in may not exist. Like Andy, the ID is such an innate blanketed power that there are a variety of builds that exist that can work.

(also, don’t mind my posts too much; note my ‘title’, which I think I have to live up to/re-up occasionally, via my actions/posts)


This is the polite way to name the deck; it’s the title you use to tell your Grammy about the cool new deck you’ve been playing in your cards game.


Dan does Maxx?

Too much porn?

Great read, Dan!

Might just be possible that an ID whose ability reads “draw three cards free per turn, two of which will only be accessible to recursion effects you were playing anyway” can spawn multiple tier 1 decks. Given the author of this take on Maxx (and his well-known and fruitful obsession with Andi), and the rig, maybe we should call it Mandromeda. I find Reg-Ass malapropically awkward to say.


Dan mentioned it in his article. I’m pretty sure not playing (probably 3) inject is wrong in this list. You’ve got all the mitigation already because you’re MaxX. Inject is therefore the best value draw in the game. Plus it finds your clone chips and econ.

Once I put down my hammer I’m trying this list. It looks like a blast. Great read - I’m glad to see the anarch faction get some non Wooley love. (Not that Steven isn’t great, just nice to have other opinions)

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Fact is, even if you got enough recursion out of the deck, you don’t want to use them all. In fact, I’ll rather play a Corroder/Mimic/Yog/whatever else from hand if I can instead of using a clone chip/Déjà vu/Scavenge. I’ll rather save my Clone Chip to some clutch parasite/imp/D4v1D usage instead of blowing them on basics.


I’ve been playing this quite a bit since it was posted on the winning deck list page. My only switch was changing Lucky Find to Femme and Utopia Shard. I like 47 cards so I added another Datasucker and David. But yeah, I didn’t like Lucky Find.

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Inject’ll get you deja & same old too though, which is something I rely on in other builds where oracle may might through out hardware/resources. And if you pick up a deja, it may suck to retrieve a program with it, but it may be better than losing the chip if you really do care about that. (Or deja the chip?).

Worst case scenarios and all though.

I’ll come out and say this looks like a shaper/criminal player came over to anarch and didn’t quite get the scene. I don’t doubt that it works. I’m sure it does, but I don’t think its peak; and I don’t think you avoid eater just because someone might play crisium. I’ll tweak this a bit and throw up a list later that I think is better. I grant you spaces are tight, but I think 2x Kati is a place to start. I think once you have inject, the need for 3x is way lower than you’d think it’d be.


There’s a reason why Shaper and Crim performed better than anarch for the last two years. People who keep trying to play with the “right anarch spirit” never goes really far when it comes to result, or at least rarely.

My 2 cents.


Flipping over the table may not win, but it’s always in the anarch spirit.


I actually started with 3 Inject and 2 Kati and moved to this because I was overtaxing my recursion. Sorry but not sorry about not “getting the scene”. I’ve played those decks, and they don’t hold water against the best players.


Spitting in the Champ’s face is pretty MaxXimum Punk Rawk.

I would say that Dan has been hanging out in the scene a bit before O&C, though.


But yeah. Building anarch decks, and suddenly realizing it’s even better when all those amazing 1 and 2 influence cards you were splashing are now free. Oh look, Medium, I’ll take 2 please! Goodbye RnD interface, maybe learn to dig deep enough to beat NEH next time we meet !
Awkward draw/economy package makes them feel clunky to play, but the sheer power of some of anarch cards might be worth it, and this deck makes a good case of showing it.

That’s kind of a fair analysis, since Dan is more familiar with winning, but this reg-ass build shouldn’t be surprising considering the author. If you think back to H&P when everyone was getting into the spirit with crazy Jinteki builds, Dan ignored the trend and posted a reg-ass RP build with Ash/Tollbooth/Eli that just focused on winning. It certainly evolved over time but it started from a comfortable place that had some proven strengths.

When you get a flood of new cards there’s always going to be questions on what works and what doesn’t and sometimes the obvious answer is a good place to start :smile:


What’s comfortable is going to work, and clearly it’s a good deck. I just don’t buy that it’s optimal or the only way worth playing anarch. All in siphon is clearly not the best idea either, but there’s enough material in red now that this doesn’t have to be the only build. Spags is right that there is more than one way to play max because she’s that powerful.

Not trying to shit on Dan here


Having a lot of materials doesn’t means all of them are playable with every ID.
For instance, I really love Demolition Run or Morningstar but there’s not a lot of deck those cards are playable and more often than not, it just plainly worse than the other solution available for the same problems it seeks to solve (Imp and Corroder here).

Also, it’s not because the card exist that it should be played. Some cards are just plainly bad and fill a niche so small that it’s not worth consideration most of the time.