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The MaxX Thread

But the first deja vu / sot I draw can recur “now” in my deck (worse case is sot -> deja vu -> desperado for exemple).

I allready proven that I have actual better odds to play any targetted card in my deck than in a 45. Just calculate yourself if you don’t think.

In 45, those recurrence are reserved for larla. You need to find a second one with a lot less odds. You will never find a second one, there is 4 of them.

I will find a second one since i have 6, possibly when I’ll have 60 card in heap.

It’s a math problem, please just take a pencil…

Are you saying that you think 45 card decks aren’t also playing 3xSOT/3xDV?

Also, it’s not a question of if you will eventually draw a card, but when.

Finally, your hostile tone and somewhat supercilious comments about math aren’t likely to engage others in a positive way. I was dubious about responding to you in the first place, and that threshold seems to be rapidly increasing.

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Syntax when you say the deck is 20-10 what kind of games are those against what kind of decks? Casual, store tournaments, etc? Why not play your deck a bunch in the stimhack league to prove its mettle? If you get 1650+ with it maybe more people will take it seriously.


I’m not wild mate… I tool a pencil and made tests. Would not enforce my point anymore, but have the bad habit to reply to anyone who talk to me.

If you really don’t like, I’ll stfu.

Why would you pick that example? Why?

In the vast majority of cases, SOT->Deja Vu for anything is a terribly inefficient play. If you make desperado cost $5 and 4 clicks to play, it’s a bad card, so it doesn’t matter if you find it in this way or not. You barely even want to Deja Vu for a nonvirus card.

You tend to draw about 7 cards outside your ability and starting hand in an average first-cycle through your deck. That leads you to seeing almost exactly half of your deck, (draw 23, mill 22) so you’re likely to see 2-3 Deja/SOT/Levy with 5 copies, leaving you a piece or two of non-clone chip recursion (if you play the 3rd Deja, you’ll see 3 on average). This is by design. Recurring everything you want is inefficient if you’re using those two cards. Unless it’s something powerful, like Legwork or Stimhack, SOT is pretty inefficient, so you don’t actually want to see much extra of it. Deja Vu is better but its still a lot worse than a clone chip unless you’re getting 2 viruses with it.


Because your first recurence is reserved for larla in turn say 14, not any fancy event you have the idea to play “now”

But you didn’t give a ‘fancy event’ in your example. You gave a worst case that is utterly terrible. Surely you want to give a good (or at least playable!) worst case, not a simply awful one. So I was asking why you picked that.

@anon34370798, please refrain from posting in this thread anymore or I’m going to suspend your account. I don’t want to be like that but your inability to differentiate a bad idea from a good one is seriously derailing this thread and preventing many of us from learning from each other.

Take it to reddit, BGG, or the untested deck thread. We’re actually onto something here, and despite your good intentions, occupying every other post with something no one else is interested in is unacceptable.


The likelihood that you will draw at least two of the seven (LARLA, SOTX3, DVx3) your first time through (even with no additional draw, which is something you should and will be doing according to the apparently halfway decent players Medio and Calimsha; but again, even without that) is ~86%. So what needs to be reserved?

Last reply… Although Dan ninja’d this with the modhammer anyway.

Damnit, Dan; I almost spit-take’d my malt.

About time. Any Runner deck with more than 45 cards should go to the untested deck thread. SOWWY.

Sorry, Valencia people, Spags has banished you


I’ve been rocking the ceremonial 46th everywhere—ya can’t do me like this, man! I CAN’T GO THERE!


That’s a good place to be. Pretty much how I feel about Gabe! Make the most of your cards, be efficient, find creative ways to win, and always feel like you are about to lose.

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I want to know what happens when these 90% winrate runners meet the 90% winrate corps.


They play 180% as many games as before. Obviously.


42 10char.

Quote of the day award

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http://stimhack.com/going-against-the-grain-reg-ass-maxx/ I posted the article on reg ass, so we can maybe move the discussion about that specific build over to that thread.

I still win

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