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The MaxX Thread

Is it even real? Yep it’s real.

About 99% sure that this is a mock-up based on snow-jax’s text suggestion, not an actual spoiler. Image, subtitle, and flavor text are all prooobably different than this.

That said, her ability looks pretty sweet.


Awwwwww. Suck.

I just figure that Anarch’s have got to be getting some recursion that plays from the heap. Otherwise what happens if MaxX mills your Clone Chips / Retrieval Runs / LARLAs / etc… You’re just left holding the bag. Plus, from the heap recursion would work well with Inject and Duggars.

Well, if she mills all your recursion, then that means you got all your useful things in your hand :wink:.

So are we building a 90 card deck with 3 each of 30 cards … lol. JK. But could be pretty funny.

Duplication’s not super hard, though.

1-2 LARLA, 3 SOT, 3 Deja Vu. When it comes out, 3 Trope. 2 Clone Chips, 2 Retrieval Runs.

15 cards, 10 influence, you’ll never run out of cards. Probably going way overboard to make things happen, given that that’d be a full third of the deck, but the odds of milling past ALL your recursion aren’t great… and as already noted, probably means you hit your other stuff first.

That said, while they might be saving the recursion for Trope in SanSan, some other recursion/heap-based thing for Anarch would certainly be nice.

She’s just going to lose against PE, isn’t she!

Love her though.

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Look at the year on the copyright notice. Compare with Edward Kim. See the truth.

edit: also, missing expansion symbol.

Yeah, I saw earlier. So it defo isn’t. Will update thread with official one when it appears on the line.

Thank God she isn’t real. Instantly the worst runner (Professor is disappointed).

Really? I think that if her ability is as advertised she will be one of the strongest runners. You get a free click a turn, and milling into the archives can be a further advantage rather than a drawback, since it gives you access to more of your deck with clone chips, same old things, deja vu’s, etc.


This one looks more real


This is an instant challenge to Kit as runner I thematically identify with most.


Yeah, that’s the legit one. She’s pretty kickass…

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Seems crazy-good. Free draw every turn + fills up your heap for you for Deja Vu, Retrieval Run, etc. I can’t wait for O&C.

Seems pretty powerful to me. Runner with mandatory draw, fine by me.

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The only way MaxX will screw you over is if you mill ALL your recursion (which, even more conservatively, should be at least 7 cards) AND all copies of an important win condition piece (like a breaker). Not impossible, but certainly unlikely, especially when you still get an opening hand and can mulligan.

I think there’s a general adversity to milling yourself as the runner, which I have as well.

Think of it this way though: Every turn you are gaining access to three cards. You gain instant access to the card you draw and potential access to the two in the heap through recursion.

Those cards facedown in your stack are doing nothing unless you have the appropriate tutor already in play or your hand, and almost all are out of faction for Anarch. With MaxX you’re not “losing two cards” every turn, you’re speeding up access to those cards.