Going to Worlds from Europe?

What it says on the title. I’ve always wanted to go to one of these huge events but never could because I had no money. I missed the last European Tournament because of that and I’m sad there won’t be another official one. So now that I have a job I’m trying to see if I can go to Worlds. However, planes prices are prohibitive and I’m a bit at a loss at how to proceed.

Any tips? I would leave from Madrid, though I can easily go somewhere to take a cheaper plane to the US.

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Got any FF miles? There’s some award space on American Airlines around the dates of Magnum Opus (30k AA miles each way), Iberia Plus can do it for 65k Avios return, United has some trips at 30k and some at 55k each way.

EDIT: Delta will do the trip as well for 70k-100k SkyMiles, which is crap but listed for completeness.

(I’ve been searching MAD-MSP, not sure about other airports.)

I sadly don’t have any FF miles, I would need to pay out of pocket.

Just checked Skyscanner and flights from Ireland are approx €240 cheaper than Madrid. Now, I’m not suggesting you make your way to Ireland, but surely Ryanair could get you to Dublin/Shannon for super cheap.

Wow, that’s a lot! And yeah, I’m more than willing to go to Dublin, specially since I have a friend there who can host me.