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I was a average Netrunner player about a year ago. (I am about to sound extremely pretentious right here, so bear with me) I feel that I have improved myself to a fairly good player in both a casual and competitive environment through a combination of consuming every source of Netrunner content I can (listening to podcasts, watching various youtube channels, browsing the beloved Stimhack Fourms, etc.), and cranking out games online a lot more than I used to, and I have seen results. Recently, I have discovered Abram Jopp’s Run The Net, which is a great source for seeing a different perspective on this game we all love. This makes me think that the lack of good articles (that I know of) besides is surprising. Am I just missing something? Or are there not many good websites for Netrunner articles? I am looking for something that is more targeted towards players looking to take the next step, to go from making the cut to winning, or something that gives new insights on the game. (An example of this would be @vinegarymink’s article about Street Peddler).

TL;DR: What are some great Netrunner sites for articles?

5 Likes Abram Jopp (@TheBigBoy on here) has some good articles on his blog. I’d recommend reading the ‘2 Tips for Improving your Corp Play’ and ‘4 Tips for Improving your Runner Game’ articles, they cover some fundamentals about Netrunner that are important, but often forgotten :slight_smile:


Mentioned that in the original post. Thanks for reading the whole thing :wink:


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I don’t think they are great and they are either primers or geared towards beginner players but I wrote some Netrunner articles some time ago:

Structure of a Corporation deck: I explain the basic of deckbuilding. Like why one should play 49 cards, how many economy cards one should run and what kind of ICE spreads are needed to start the game.
Principles of a Corporation deck: I explain the underlying principles that make a Corporation deck work, like forcing the Runner to make a run.
An example of corporative deckbduilging: I build a very basic Scorched Earth-based Weyland deck step by step to show how it’s done. I start with the core idea and expand from there.

I also wrote several deck primers but they are now obsolete or non-viable:

Upgrades Incorporated: A deck based around scoring Mandatory Upgrades by stacking upgrades and increasing their strenght with Encrpytion Protocol. A while ago German players resurrected the concept and took a couple big tournaments with similar builds which I didn’t expect at all.
House of Cards: GRNDL rush through Oversight AI, Punitive Counterstrike and Corporate Troubleshooter to reset the board. This one was brutal back in the day but the release of I’ve had it worse completely negates the archetype. A shame because it was really fun to play.
Midway Supergrid If 5/3s with good abilities existed I would bring back this deck in a heartbeat. It’s an HB glacier deck using Midway Station Grid and NEXTs to lock down servers. Its most interesting feature is that it plays 2 GRNDL Refineries and 1 Aggressive Secretary to force runs and play the shell game.

I don’t think any of these articles is particularly great but I’m working on a Caprice strategy article which I think you guys will like.


Honestly, this topic has already been super enlightening for me with Netrunner content. I’ve bookmarked several of these posts, and can’t wait to dig in. I may be a new player, but information of any caliber player has the potential to open doors that perhaps hasn’t been thought of (at least for yourself).

In terms of articles, there’s not many dedicated to advanced play that you haven’t mentioned already. I think is solid and used to fit that niche as well, before David stopped playing. Since these hasn’t been mentioned already, you may find some articles you like at these sites, but since the articles are written by different authors, you may have to do some browsing to find what you’re looking for:

  • (the layout of the site is pretty linear as far as I can tell, so you’ll do a lot of scrolling) - Maybe @chaosjuggler can help seperate the articles from the videos and podcasts?
  • Articles
  • - But, since they revamped their webpage over the last year, it’s hard to just find the netrunner blogs. Maybe @botounami can help find a way to get to just the Netrunner blogs (i.e. click the “posted in” Android Netrunner LCG tag from the “read” tab on the site, for some reason the blogs are separated by authors first, then category)?

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@tvaduva The long and short of it is that we are currently in the middle of an entire database rebuild - as once we upgraded all of our systems we learned that pretty much everything was entirely wrong from the ground up. It’s the result of us starting the site 7 years ago without understanding anything and attempting to innovate / tie things together on old and hacked together systems.

It’s set to launch in early January, and from there we can get to work on optimizing the way content is searched / displayed / written etc. So unfortunately the best I have for now is that we are a few months away from having what I would consider a useable site. Very sorry for that.

The full and, to anyone with an understanding of the web, amusing details are here:


Just a +1 here to Articles, which was the first site that popped into my mind. Lots of good articles from very insightful players. UK OP.