Google Play finally getting podcasting

Not sure if this has been posted on here yet but for all the podcasters out there, google play will be getting podcasting soon. Would be a great way to open up to a new audience.

I have no doubt that Google will come up with some amazing software that incorporates all our favorite things about pod-catchers, but I’m left wondering whether that’s a good thing.

It’s bad enough that Apple has so much sway over podcast visibility with their iTunes ranking system, but if Google has something similar they’re going to be funneling a lot of traffic away from non-corporate podcasters and heavily influence how advertisers support these guys.

It may be a bit clunky while I’m trying to subscribe to new podcasts, but once you get past that the RSS feed is completely adequate for what you want to do, regardless of what software you’re using.

Not available in my country (UK) apparently. Which is a shame.

Who needs google when pocket casts is already amazing?

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Still seems like an additional outlet to pick up new listeners that might currently be not using a non google or apple application.