Gordianbla.de relaunch

While the previous version worked just fine (for the most part…), its foundation was hacked together over a weekend and I have been putting off rewriting it… until now!

The new website should look and feel mostly like the old one. Your old stats should auto-import. If they for some reason do not, please try the button in the Settings tab.

I have implemented all previous features and added some new ones:

  • Daily puzzles and practice mode are now separated into formats. Besides the previous default Eternal, you can now also select Standard, Neo (All-NSG), and Startup.
  • Terminal Directive Campaign cards still appear, but are not separated into A, B, 2, 3, etc. anymore.
  • A rules explanation is available and automatically opens on your first visit.
  • Reduced animation settings of your OS are now respected.
  • Editing of the statistics page
  • This news page to inform you about new features

If you encounter bugs or have feature requests, please leave them at the project’s github page.

With the rewrite now complete, I have some exciting ideas to implement in the future. Stay tuned for updates and I hope you continue having fun with the puzzles!


Do all different art printings appear or just the latest one?

In Eternal all cards that are on NRDB can appear. Including Terminal Directive Campaign cards (though not in their 2,3,4,A,B forms) and the Magnum Opus community cards. For the three other formats, only the newest prints appear.