Got a binder for all of my alt art!

When I got into Netrunner I had a friend who was helping me source cards (this was back in 2020). He gave me a lot of the extra copies that he had of alt arts and IDs. I finally got a binder to keep all of my alt arts in. I don’t have very many but they make me happy.

What are y’alls favorite alt arts? They can be official, artist community, or whatever!

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This is my absolute favorite and I wish there was more. I find this so good and intriguing. Would love to make all my decks out of these.


that links broken

Works for me.

My favourite alts are my own Apocalypse (sue me, in proud of it) and Mushin No Shin, I think.

NSG have made some bangers recently, though. I’m excited for us to see the world’s ones soon!

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These are so cool!

The Mushin No Shin is one of my favorites as well, same with Bank Job. I also agree about the NSG alt arts. The moshing that they put out was AWESOME.

The Goose Game Hedge Funds from last year’s Run Together pack are so so good.

Agree that NSG alt arts especially recent ones have been great. My new favorite is the No Free Lunch one: