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[Great Lakes Circuit] 1st Event: Epic Loot Games (Centerville, OH) Saturday, May 9 - Kicking off the Circuit with dozens of prizes, raffles, and more!

Registration at 11 a.m., play starting at noon. 5 Rounds of Swiss (or 6 rounds if 16+ attend) with no cut. $10 entrance fee per person going to a pool, with the first $75 being sent to the GLC Championship Event pool. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the tournament.

The Prize Pool for the event so far is as follows:

The pool for entrance fees (the first $75 going to the GLC Grand Prize pool) will be summed and divided/distributed evenly to the top 3 placed competitors!*

$25 Go7 Gaming Gift Certificate (A co-sponsor to the GLC)
1 Silhouette Game Mat (2015 Spring Kit)
3 Rielle 2015 Store Championship Game Mats
2 Weyland: Building a Better World Alt-Art
1 HB: ETF Alt-Art
1 Jinteki: Personal Evolution Alt-Art
1 Chaos Theory Alt-Art
2 Gordian Blade Alt-Arts
8 Assorted Netrunner Deckboxes
Kati Jones Alt-Art
Scorched Earth Alt-Art
Multiple Pop-up Window Alt-Arts
Multiple Wyldside Alt-Arts
Multiple Aesop’s Pawnshop Alt-Arts
Multiple Plascrete Carapace Alt-Arts
Multiple Adonis Campaign Alt-Arts

Epic Loot Games and Comics will be giving out numerous door prizes at the end of the tournament in addition to all the player-donated prizes listed above! Store credit at Epic Loot can be used at both the games & comics store as well as at Epic Loot Video Games a few stores down.

All prizes will be distributed at the end of the tournament- there will be something for everyone, with Epic Loot staff even volunteering ‘crash prizes’ to the lowest placing competitors! See you Saturday!