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[Great Lakes Circuit] 5/30 - Metro Detroit Qualifier Event - Come run the Michigan Nets!

Hey stimhack peeps: on the outside chance you’re unaware, the Metro Detroit stop on the Great Lakes Circuit whistlestop tour goes live on May 30th, 2015, at 11am.

We’re looking forward to a fun day of Netrunner with plenty of prizes and the best, friendliest competitors in Michigan :slight_smile: . We’ve got art prints, custom alt-art participation prizes, gift certificates from our sponsors: Go7 Gaming and Inked Playmats, at least one FFG OP kit, and a truly generous amount (read: $100+) of store credit on offer.

So come one, come all to Flat Land Games, located at 28990 S. Wixom Road in Wixom, MI on the 30th. Entry is just ten bucks.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1386997214959702/


Looking forward to it :sunglasses:

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Bump because this is going down tomorrow and we’ve added free food to the list of reasons to come, if friendly competition, top-notch prizes, and a boatload of participation promos weren’t sufficient :)!

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This was a great event, and I just wanted to share some stats and news about the day now that I have some free time :smile:

We had 25 folks come out to run the nets, the biggest turnout in Michigan to date (though tomorrow’s regionals will certainly eclipse that number!) and we had a good time playing in a very diverse meta.

We had 15 different corp IDs, including five different corp IDs in the top 8 and four different IDs in the top 4:

  1. JRP: 4
  2. ETF: 3
  3. JBiotech: 3
  4. NEH: 2
  5. Blue Sun: 2
  6. GRNDL: 1
  7. Nisei Division: 1
  8. NEXT: 1
  9. Titan: 1
  10. Making News: 1
  11. Cybernetics Div: 1
  12. JPE: 1
  13. BaBW: 1
  14. BwBi: 1
  15. Harmony: 1

Our top four played NEH, ETF, Biotech, and GRNDL, followed by Nisei, Blue Sun, NEH, Blue Sun. Overall, Jinteki was Most Underperforming, with 44% of the field (but only 25% of the top-8), while Weyland was Most Overperforming 24% of the field, but 38% of the top-8. HB underperformed (20% / 13%) and NBN overperformed (12%, 25%).

On the runner side, we had 12 IDs, 3 unique IDs in top-4, and 7 unique IDs in the top-8.

  1. Kate 5
  2. Noise 4
  3. Andy 3
  4. CT 2
  5. Reina 2
  6. Sil 2
  7. Gabe 2
  8. Hayley 1
  9. Eddy 1
  10. Leela 1
  11. MaxX 1
  12. Nasir 1

Our top 8 was: Kate, CT, CT, Reina, Andy, Hayley, Noise, Eddy Kim.

Runner faction balance was almost dead even, with 8 Criminals, 8 Anarchs, and 9 Shapers, however Shapers dominated the top standings: 50% of the top-8 came from the faction, while Criminals only put 1 into the top-8, drastically underperforming on the day.

Overall, corp vs. runner winrate was as close to 50-50 as you could get, but amongst the top 8 runners won 75% of their games, and corps won 67.5%. On the day, a full 25% of Corp wins came through flatline, with the vast majority of those being good old Scorched Earth. Of note, three of our top-4 decks came packing a flatline threat.

You can check out the full standings here: on acoo.net, photos of the winners and the epic prizes we gave away here on the ANRPC site, and hear some quick interviews with the top-4 competitors here on youtube. We’ll have a selection of matches from the top tables up with commentary early next week.

A big thanks to everyone who came out. We gave out badass promos to all, the contents of two GNKs, a custom playmat to the champion, and two beautiful art prints. Oh, and $140 in store credit, and our generous sponsors at Inked Playmats and Go7 Gaming got shoutouts too.

I love seeing such support for fan-run events! Thanks again to everyone who participated! We’re already starting to organize a “Michigan Cup” team event, so check out the Metro Detroit Netrunners facebook group for details on that as we put it together. Thanks again :slight_smile: .


I’m actually sort of surprised I was the only MaxX player there.

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Me too, but maybe people feared The Blacklist? I :heartpulse: MaxX.

Thanks for organizing this event. I had so much fun.

You forgot to mention the free lunch for the participants. I think that pizza-stim helped us play our best.

(Small correction: Biotech not Blue Sun in the top 4.)

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