Great Lakes Circuit - a series of upper Middle West tournaments

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The flyer is pretty self-explanatory. I think there is a desire for a larger series of tourneys for the game, and between the SMC and the GLC, that is a good start. If you’d like to host a feeder tourney, or talk about starting your own region, please reach out. Hopefully, next year, we can have enough regions in the US and Canada that can lead into a finals weekend.


Also that art is courtesy of the wonderful Florian de Gesincourt. Check his work here or here.


Love the idea, I work with a store in Cinci: Astonishing Comics and Games and we would love to host. It might be a good idea to get Epic Loot in Dayton, OH involved as well. Feel free to PM me and we can get plan this further

I think its great that the community is taking it upon itself to provide what it wants long term. Especially since competitive players have long wanted a bit more. Seems exactly the right way to do it.



re: cincinnati edition, sounds like we’re working on it with @djhedgehog!

so, so awesome to see more fan-run events like this, especially around my area!

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Let’s keep it rolling folks!


Agreed. My goal is to have at least 8 regions around the US and Canada. Then, the top finishers of each would come together at a large invitational weekend for large prizes. Said weekend would also contain side tourneys, drafts, and a last-chance tourney for the finals.

This seems viable and attainable.


FWIW, the only people I need to reach out for a tourney currently are the Indy folks. I know Travis Chance hails from there. If anyone has contact info. for anyone there, I’d appreciate it.

Thanx for any interest or support with this. Shouts out to those already helping: @Cory_Hockman @aandries @DJhedgehog @Daine @hypomodern @Ajar


I have his facebook and will shoot him a link to this thread.

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Also if for some bizarre reason Indy can’t do it, I could see if we could do it in Bloomington instead… or in addition to…

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More = merrier

However, we kind of want to ensure that these are at least attended by 16+. Don’t want the situation of the SCs, with too many, and people winning a 5 person qualifier. We were bandying about a 1 qualifier for every 8 attendees ratio.

Of course, I think with enough lead time, and knowledge that it is out there the folks from Ohio and Louisville and Indy might like having another one to attend? Just throwing out the idea as an option as both @sydwys8 and I are available to run a tournament in Bloomington.

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This looks good. Being from Cleveland, I definitely want to do some Netrunner tourism this summer. Closest regional to me is either Chicago or Philly. 6 hours either way, not sure which meta is softer XD

I’m gonna get down to Critical Hit games next Saturday and I’ll bring it up. Maybe we can host one towards the end of the summer. I think bblum qualified for the SSCI there, so we’ll see how many people are actively playing. It was pretty undeveloped when I was there last fall.


Yay @spags for putting together graphics and the overview here!

There will definitely be an event on this circuit at Flat Land Games in Wixom, MI (Metro Detroit Netrunners represent!) in May (either the 9th or the 23rd). Everyone in the region should definitely come out :). I’ll have finalized details tonight or tomorrow AM!


Awesome. Well, get your store involved, if you are interested. Looking at a hard cap of 16 stores, prob. Don’t want to water this down too much. That would allow for a 48 player final tourney.

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Yeah, that was where I played. (I take it that means you weren’t out there that day?) It was an 18 person event and seemed like a pretty healthy meta. I’ll definitely drive out there again for one of these things.

I’m considering whether to get involved hosting one for Pittsburgh. Our meta can be kind of anemic at times, but on the other hand it might be a good way to ramp things up here. I’ll talk with folks here and see how possible 16 attendance seems. (And people nearby, let me know if you’d drive to visit us if we hosted one.)

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This got me thinking:

If I were to do a northeast circuit, do you think it would be best to split it into two? We’ve got a lot of Netrunner cities here; between Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, it almost seems like it should be split up into two or something. Probably not though.

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People would be willing to come to Chicago for the finals from Pittsburgh? The beauty is that the finals is tied in with ChiLo, so it’ll be a weekend long event, and the already qualified can still have fun at ChiLo.

Ideally, two would work, if you can support it. My thoughts on regions:


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