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[Great Lakes Circuit] Bloomington Qualifier Saturday the 13th

Join us at Common Room Games in Bloomington this Saturday for the Bloomington Indiana Qualifier.

Sign-ups at 12P, cards on the table at 1P.

Entry fee $10

So far the prize support is as follows:
The top three players after Swiss are eligible to play in the ANRPC final event for a chance to win a prize to help off set travel/ticket expenses to world. Note: winning does not guarantee you a ticket to worlds, if you want to go to worlds buy your ticket ahead of time.

72 Unique fan made Alt Art Identities (everyone will get their choice in place order and if possible one corp and one runner to each person)

Gift card to Go 7 Gaming Supplies

Discount Coupon to Inked Playmats

Alt Art Astroscipt Pilot Program

Custom Playmat to the top finisher: The Periodic Table of Ice 1.0

Feel free to message me/post here with questions! Hope to see you there!


Wow, that mat is brilliant! Really considering going out, but still a little burnt out after driving to Detroit last weekend, and Toledo the weekend before. Trying to get others to make the drive, though!


Fantastic work, @Ravlin! Go GLC!

That playmat is really cool!

Please make that playmat widely available after the event. So cool!

you’d have to be a jerk to call a judge over it, but apreche pointed out that someone could argue it’s not tournament legal. very silly, i know! if you never appear to use the mat for reference, though, it should be fine?

Players are not allowed to take notes to aid memory or gameplay, whether physically or digitally, during a tournament match. Referencing outside material and information during a match is also prohibited, except for official rule documents.

doubt anyone would have an issue over it – as many people as possible should go to this tournament and try to win this beauty (and a spot for the GLC finals) anyway!

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I think since it does not have: costs, strengths, or subroutines and just types it shouldn’t be an issue. As I commented in another place if a playmat is what reminds you that Eli is a bioroid, or Archer is a destroyer…


Hope to see a bunch of folks tomorrow!

Awesome turnout yesterday! We had 19 runners representing some of the best players from Bloomington, Louisville, Indy, and Chicago! (If I missed any other locales let me know!)

Well fought over 5 rounds with the top three being:

Travis Chance
Joe Man
John Flannery

We had runners from far and wide and it was one of the highest concentrations of top players I have seen in a long time. Good show everyone! Thank you for coming.


Aw yis, another successful GLC event in the books :smiley: :smiley:

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