Greek NR Nationals Results

1st place : Laurie Poulter ( @lpoulter ) NEH / KATE
2nd place : Kostas Ketsietzis HB / NOISE
3rd place : Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis NISEI DIVISION / SILHOUETTE
4th place : Zacharys NEH / KATE @groober

All I have to say is. 13 psi games. I lost 1 in the entire tournament.
Breaking the meta, one fuckin’ day at a time.

I am just done with everyone that criticized my ID and card choices. 2 national (2nd and 3rd place) tournaments under my belt, I think I’ve established those IDs more or less now. Remastered for the Greek NR nationals and played very well (imho).

Laurie won it fair and square, and Kostas was also amazing with his plays too.
Zach was as well, but I was a bit lucky against him and found a couple agendas that gave me the win against him before I pulled off my secret tech to finish him off.

I will be writing a FULL REPORT by the end of the week with LOTS of pictures, a description of every round I played (during both swiss and top 8 cut) and some other shenanigans with the guys that I HAD A BLAST spending my time with here in Athens.

I am honestly stunned by the result because, even though my decks did well in the Belgian Nationals, I did not expect the same amount of good results, and the Greek meta had amazing players.

Thank you all for your amazing games and I hope to be seeing you all at the next tournament too!

I can’t wait to get back home and write that report now! :smiley:

top 4 picture:


Congratulations on your high finish!

I’m eagerly awaiting your report. I love Nisei Division and want to try it out at Worlds (if only at King of Servers), and definitely want to see what psi game madness you brewed up.

Yeah, this could change things around for Nisei division, god forbid. Anyone yet try patching clairvoyant monitor and trying to win 4 psi games in a row to score out vanity project before a d4v1d comes to ruin your day? Oh wait, add Caprice and Batty and that’s pretty much what happens anyway.

Congrats Laurie!

Congrats Kostas!

Congrats Konstantinos!

DAMN YOU Groober, you just kept winning me… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t wait to read that report!

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Imho Greek nationals results showed that versus a field of neh fa and hb etf, noise is not so strong anymore. Team sponsorship put the nail in noise’s coffin. You can still win with noise but it is much harder now. Let’s see if a rise of hb will mark the return of criminals in the worlds.

YES. I played against noise with HB, and actually felt like I didn’t NEED jackson. Yes. Yes. YES.

With D&D around the corner, unlikely - we’re rapidly heading back into a yellow world.

Nisei and Sil … amazing.
I’d like to see such IDs ranking high, who knows maybe even Custom Biotics, Cerebral Imaging or the poor Professor.


2015 Greek Nats report here peeps!

(includes decks and stuff)

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I’ll just point out that I didn’t wonder ‘how it was possible’ for you to get two astros with 3 single accesses.
A strong performance and congrats. I unlocked my own achievement: both Corp losses of the day were sealed by notoriety!

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Great stuff!! Too bad you won’t be doing one for World’s…

You played your games very well man. I can understand why people were going around saying “HE IS SO FAST.” :slight_smile:

Xavier, the Belgian National Champion isn’t going to Worlds, so I had the chance to go with a Worlds Bye, but unfortunately, I’m a Greek Student living abroad so you probably get why I can’t just fly to the US all of a sudden xD

Still, I am hoping that the EU guys do well over there since I’ve gotten to know them quite a bit through the European tournaments!