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Gridiron at Worlds?

Hi guys,

even though I, like all other Worlds participants, have the dream of reaching Top 16.
However, I am realistic enough to know chances are slim among the great player base.

I found out, that on Sunday, the day where the Finals take place, the Minnesota Vikings
play the Rams in the Minneapolis stadium (which happens to be very close to the Worlds venue).
In the likely event of me not making the cut, I’d be very intrigued to go there.
Are any of you interested as well and could organize tickets (which is a little bit difficult
from Europe)?



(American) Football at Worlds?

Sorry I had to add the qualifier. There is only one true football and its round.


Shame on me, you are absolutely right. Thanks for the edit!

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At least call it Gridiron Football, it sounds so cool!

Stubhub has tickets going for $28 in the cheap seats. I’m normally a college football fan but would consider going to a pro game, especially if there are out of towners who aren’t familiar with the game who would like to go.

Nice. I know the basics of American Football (have watched a couple of Superbowls), but I can imagine that live games are a great experience :smile:

That depends; It may be very enjoyable if you’re into it; but when you go to a live game you realize just how prevalent commercials are…


I once saw a live game in Hamburg. They actually paused the game, such that TV in the US could send commercials xD

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Yeah, NFL live is fun and tedious at the same time.

Come with us on THU. to see the NBA. Much more exciting, and you can get closer to the action.


Minnesota has a dome right? You don’t want to watch and nfl game outside in November

Snow football is best football.

As far as atmosphere goes there’s a reason I prefer college ball. Students get into the action, the band is playing, it feels like there is more at stake. NFL crowds can be pretty lackluster.


Yeah, I already wrote in the group that I’d definitely be in for NBA on Thursday :smile:

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They currently play at the Universality of Minnesota Stadium which isn’t under a dome.

Just FYI, the Vikings are currently playing at TCF Stadium, which is actually the University of Minnesota Football stadium which is outside. They’re currently building a new stadium for the Vikings.

Alternative: play more Netrunner :smiley:

Edit: or any other LCGs that you never get to play.

I’ll just add these to the list of regrets that I’ll have for not showing up until Friday night. :cry:

Seeing a football game live, TV definitely gets in the way sometimes. There’s something like 4 or 5 mandatory commercial breaks per quarter. I was fortunate enough to see the Sugar Bowl in the Superdome down here in New Orleans one year (the year Florida and Tim Tebow whooped over-rated Cincinnati), and you can feel it sometimes when there’s a stop in the action.

Sometimes it’s OK like when a team calls timeout, but sometimes it’s also like they did the kickoff, and now we need a commercial, so let’s take a break for a minute. But it’s not like the NBA is too dissimilar in how it operates. Probably just a bit harder to notice.

Too bad hockey season isn’t here yet; If FFG held World at the right time, that would be ideal. Nothing is more exciting than playoff hockey. :smile:

Check the weather report first. They’re playing outside this year. Make sure to smuggle in a flask. You don’t want to pay stadium prices for awful stadium beer.

Also, prepare for crushing disappointment whenever the Minnesota Vikings are involved. Trust me, I’ve been wasting every autumn for the last two decades on that pathetic excuse for a franchise.

Honestly, I’d look into a Wild game instead. They’re less likely to suck and it’s a LOT more fun. NFL football is awesome on TV because you can play video games or read a book or something during the down time and commercials, but it’s not a great live experience unless you’re drinking heavily. College football is good live, but the pro stuff is strictly a TV sport.

I’d warn about the crowd, as all us NFL fans are mouthbreathing scum, but I’ve seen how many people die in those soccer riots! We only get a stabbing or two per game, tops.

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What time is the game? I would be interested in catching a live game, also the NBA game, even though I never watch basketball.

For the Thursday game, what time is that, I wouldn’t want to miss out on any FFG warmup tournament or similar etiher.

College Football >>> NFL :smiley:

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The live college experience is fun, but, if I’ve been watching a lot of NFL, I can’t really get past how much better at everything the NFL teams are. There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance, but at the end of the day it’s a minor league.