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[Haarpsichord Studios] Convenience Shop- Haarpsichord Kill

Hey @Asclepius… so glad I got to play you and hear the origins of the deck.

here was the list I got:

Agenda (14)

3x AstroScript Pilot Program
3x Breaking News
3x Explode-a-palooza
3x Quantum Predictive Model
1x 15 Minutes

Asset (8)

2x Cerebral Overwriter ••••
3x Jackson Howard
2x News Team
1x Psychic Field •
2x Shattered Remains

Upgrade (1)

Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (18)

1x Closed Accounts
3x Hedge Fund
2x Midseason Replacements
2x Scorched Earth ••••• •••
3x Sweeps Week
2x Traffic Accident ••
2x 24/7 News Cycle
Barrier Barrier (2)

2x Wraparound

Code Gate (1)

1x Quandary

Sentry (6)

3x Data Raven
2x Gutenberg
1x Information Overload

@Cerberus destroyed me last round. Those top 16 guys are another level man. I did get the train going but he put the pressure on. I mean… Who pays 7 credits for gutenburg trace?? :stuck_out_tongue: Pro.

Haarp 6-2, Noise 4-4. Wish I had brought the Whiz instead. Haarp does okay against a field of teeth. Pack the traps. :smile:

Favorite play in second to last round was rezzing Information Overload against @Stiv who had 12 tags at the time haha.


Donald from the UK was running 3x profiteering. That card does some serious work.
I’m with @mediohxcore - more agendas rather than fewer.

FWIW, I think of like 78 games of Haarp-Kate, the UK meta tested about 2:1 in favour of Haarp (and most losses were against @Tim (running IHW) and @vinegarymink who seemed to have the touch against it).

We all decided to go 1x FC and 1x plas in our kates, because we just assumed a lot of people wouldn’t take it. Luckily we were vindicated, because that matchup just sucks.


Oh, and one of my side-bet predictions was that someone would receive a game loss for not triggering exploda (or something like that) following a multi-access run. Did that happen?

@raveladvice cut every 2 pointer that wasn’t Astro for a bunch of Profiteerings and Future is Nows. This really leverages the ability and gives you so much time to kill them.

His version seemed like the most formidable and whenever I faced lists with Exploda and/or Beale I felt like I was playing on easy mode. Profiteering stops you completely rolling to econ denial.


Forgot to mention that on Monday, it seemed like every single one of us from the UK was gonna take haarp - we were trying to keep schtum about how good we thought it was. Then we realised everyone already knew, so we started talking it up massively and encouraging people to pack lots and lots of tech…


@raveladvice unfortunately went 0-4 at the start of the main day. STRONGLY suspect that with a bit better start, he’d be mixing it with better players who were less teched against haarp. I still don’t think most Kate players realised how bad the matchup can be.

@jdeng: I have won 5/5 against haarp in practice.
@groober : uh, how many times did you hit shattered?
@jdeng : 0
@groober : you know they can also astro-token it to blow up plas even if you only run the unadvanced cards?
@jdeng - Oh … SHIT!

Then @jdeng told me you can use accelerated diagnostics to 24/7 without sacrificing an agenda, so kill with one scored breaking news and 5 creds… :open_mouth:


That’s probably one of the simplest and least expensive Shutdown combos to date, needing only one Diagnostics fired. Throw a subliminal in the diagnostics and you’re killing from 4 credits if you have a traffic accident in hand ;)!


I feel like this deck would be tier one in rage quits - except by the time they’re angry, they’re on a very short clock to quit before dying!

Hmm, IDK, I have also found me playing PPK against Haarp to be kind of not a bad matchup. I did pack a single Plas only but had no problems against the 2 Haarps I played on saturday. Actually, those were the two easiest wins all week for me, even having to score 12 points in the second game (took all three News Teams and they shuffled back 15 min twice).

I always had a good econ lead and could run pretty freely, so never worried about Midseasons, also managed to keep them off the BNand finding Plas before they got a BN.

Guess it is the type of game that goes really well as a runner, until is doesn’t

Turn one score breaking news happens often enough, and then you’re half dead!

Basically, it comes down to start. If Shop gets the BN in the first couple turns, and you don’t have a Plascrete, you are in trouble. A PC buys you quite a bit of time, as it can take awhile to set the combo off twice, but even that is usually doable.

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Or shattered remains. Another profiteering point is that you can fire it again with 24 7 to turn mid seasons back on.

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You can also 24/7 to use FIN and find kill pieces.

If you’re on Profiteering you can 24/7 it and then Midseasons


oh baby


A Taiwanese player sent me a Haarp deck on facebook in May before 24/7 was spoiled but it was pretty much reliant entirely on Profiteering/Midseasons and it looked pretty filthy even back then. I think the next step for working on this deck is probably trying to work in the Profiteers

For profiteering, cut tgtbt, a beale, a goddess, and ASI for 3x Profiteering and a second Midseason? Assuming Val will be more popular than Noise now, the 1x ASI won’t do much.

Niles, I will send you my list to work off of, I think it is a closer starting point. Profiteering over TGTBT and maybe 2x over an Explode and cut a piece of ICE or a Hedge might be just fine.

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Niles, after that please tell me how many plascrete i need to play in the next tournament.


Do you take all 3 BP with Profiteering? Doesn’t it make most of the Ice really bad? Should we switch to non-tracers when playing 3 Profiteering?

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