Hacktivist Meeting - ANRPC 2016 Gencon League


Hello world.

Welcome to the Hacktivist Meeting, a loosely run ANRPC league at Gencon 2016. Participants, for a $5 fee, will receive 2 ANRPC dice, 3 !ruined cards, a pin to signify league participation along with entry into the league. Any game, be it casual, draft, Nationals, cube, etc. can be counted, as long as it is agreed to beforehand, consensually. Just get your opponents’ league ID, and report the game. The only rule is that you cannot play someone more than match (1 game each faction) total.

The Top 4 at the end of it will be eligible to compete in a JNET round robin tourney at some point in the future. Status of their games will be checked to ensure they didn’t play against an opponent more than once. If found to be out of line, they will be ineligible for this cut.

Good luck all, and see you at Gencon!

Password: M0bycore


Since we’re quickly approaching the event, might as well check in. Is it still happening? Who/where do the fees go to, and where/when do we pick the pins and stuff up at?

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Still happening. Pay me in cash at GC. I’ll be around. PM me on here. I’ll stop by the FFG area throughout the day on THU.

I’m excited to be going to gencon this year, I’ll definitely be interested in seeing all the wires running throughout the hotel.

I will have ANRPC dice available at Gencon this year. $2.50/each, or $2/each if you’re in the league.

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Will you have anything else with you? Like some of those cool IDs.

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This sounds like fun! I’ll sign up.

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Even if you don’t want to play, spend $5 for some cards and a pin, and support the ANPRC (and buy dice).

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Im signing up right now! Can’t wait to find you and buy dice :smiley:

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Playing AGOT today. Have dice on me.

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To be honest, I just realized I have no idea who I’m looking for. :wink:

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He’s the dude with a bowl cut and a soybeef burrito hanging out of his mouth.

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Looks like we all tied!


You’re all winners in my book.


Jnet round robin for all? ;D

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Nobody could foresee that everyone would ID the GenCon League.

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