Happy Core-naversary!

This week got the release of Core 2.0!

Just wanted to say that I’d never have thought five years would go by and I would still be ridiculously enamored with stealing agendas and running nefarious schemes. Nor would I think most of my internet consumption would go to watching videos of people shuffling cards on Youtube.

I’ve made so many good friends due to Netrunner and maybe in five years time when I’m more older and more grayer, we’ll all still be around talking about which cards a breaking the game and how it’s still not fair that Weyland can’t get a Tier 1 build.

Thanks to you all–content creators, community collaborators, and game makes. Happy Holidays.


It’s been a year and a half since I started in the summer of '16, and I’m so very happy to be a part of this community, and to own nearly all of the cards :slight_smile: I’m feeling very optimistic about the game in 2018 - can’t wait to see what Kitara has in store!

Long live Netrunner!

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