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Has switchblade's time come again?

As someone who has played against both shrike and Switchblade as Gagarin. It’s not a simple “shrike/Switchblade beats Tour Guide” problem. It does in a vacuum. You also need to find and install your pieces as Switchblade, which takes time. You need to click to draw. And you still need other breakers. Shrike is extremely expensive up-front, which gives Tour Guide players a turn or two of a window (unless you’re stupid rich, like in @Smaug’s Hayley).

Yeah, haven’t solved the “Stealth Rig” problem with Radio Gaga myself either. For a deck that scores through sheer exhaustion or sentry lockout recurring stealth credits + switchblade is a tough climb; shaper stealth locally is on switchblade, which… ugh :slight_smile: College kids shouldn’t have switchblades, ok?

Turns out tutors + Cloak in faction is pretty good!