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Hearts of Frost - Support Group for Glacier Players

You could always ICE archives. :slight_smile: Omar seems super strong, but he’s also predictable.

I agree but all turn 1 ice ice credit situations are a problem. And you can’t use credits on archives and hq and then pretend you can perfectly defend against a r&d medium, or have a super strong remote to score.

He’s basically asking +25% credits to rez ices and lots of draw/tempo to install all this.

This means with a classic economy, one of your critical server is allready open.

There is a lot of cards that supports him : Medium, Nerve, Wanton, Rook, DS, Utopia shard, what I said on the 23s thread about SneakApoc Omar back into turn 1 Omar again, where you needed 4 rezzed ices.

All of this will be very very strong if the corpo struggle for money : I’m not sure you can tell he’s this predictable, I can allready think about 3-4 different decks and strategies with him.

There’s a syphon Omar, there’s a caïssa Omar, there’s a medium nerve Omar, there’s an ice melting Omar, there’s an Apoc Omar… + toolbox versions of those decks.

Incoming Rook Copycat Omar new meta :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I feel like they get trashed. Constantly. I’ve gone back and forth with 2 and an interns. I haven’t found money to be an issue. The problem I’m finding with Adonis recently is that there is so much asset hate that makes reliance on it very dicey, and it requires that you have a second server going (or durdle for a turn our two, which in the current meta seems to be a death sentence). That server must be legit taxing too, otherwise it’ll get TC/SecTested into the ground.

Although perhaps I’m not understanding the point of the thread, given some of the more recent posts are throwing about FA, trap use, and Scorch packages.

Then again, maybe that answers the question as to vegan glacier viability. It isn’t.

And yes, Omar obliterates OTG.

Hello there. With the release of the space kitten I believe we cannot assume anymore that the runner will stay out of the remote servers. The only way to go I can see is challenging their economy by playing smart: commit the runner to expensive runs with advanceable (is this s word? my mac doesn’t like it) traps and assets to open scoring windows.

Although, even then, how do you beat a turn 1 Magnum Opus deck? The problem for me is not space kitten in isolation, is the presence in the meta of both Magnum Opus and space kitten decks.

Navi Mumbad City Grid doesn’t answer Panchatantra/Sharpshooter. (Pancha isn’t a paid ability, Sharpshooter IS an Icebreaker.)

Similarly, Omar has nothing special against OTG. See rulings for how to get Hokusai Grid to fire vs Sneakdoor runs (Hint: It goes on HQ.) Similarly, Crisium would have to be on HQ… It does mean you have to defend all three centrals, not just HQ, but the central tenet of the combo (force a central run before the remote run) still works. Which, now that I said that, makes me ask why you don’t just run RP instead of OTG combo…?

Way back at beginning of thread, there was a question about what we did before Ash and Caprice. Corporate Troubleshooter and Aggressive Secretary. Ash came out pretty early in Genesis. Before Caprice, we could use NAPD Contract as well, but Caprice is what actually enabled RP Glacier to be a thriving archetype. HB Glacier already had Ash and Runner econ wasn’t good enough to routinely beat it.

So, right now, our options are Prisec, Red Herrings/Old Hollywood Grid, Corp Troubleshooter, NAPD Contract, Will-O-Wisp (better than Aggressive Secretary, IMO, as long as you’re on Never Advance plan.) IT Department is also workable. I’m mildly a fan of using Melange Mining Corp as well, as long as you have some answer to the Runner using David vs your Troubleshooter. (Navi Mumbad works)

Another fun quirk of Troubleshooter is that because he isn’t unique, you can put several into the same remote.

Also don’t forget Launch Campaign is also an option even outside of HB/Spark.


With OTG you have to protect two servers (3 vs Omar), with RP you have to protect 4 to get the same effect. Also, run doesn’t have to be successful.

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change the BLCs to BBGs if you want. same with the vikram to another ichi.

glacier-ish is fine. midrange is better atm. just play harder and faster.

3x biotic is hot fire. do it. clot is less played, and scoring points stops rumor mill cuz you clear it out.

you can also run ELP and fight it.

but just play faster, and force the runner into decisions. they get less time to set up, less time to find rumor mill and/or polop, then you are golden.


You also might have to worry about rebirth.

The News Now Hour

im waiting to try out the new HB identity which looks promising whilst DNA tracker looks good for a spiky palana taxing type build

ultimately id expect some glacier support to be forthcoming

Honestly, the only glacier I’ve been playing is Jeeves and just FA’ing agendas. Secure my centrals and make a Jeeves remote taxing enough to slow down the runner and then focus on the FA game.

I don’t think pure glacier is good right now. It’s hard to stop a runner from getting into your remote by out taxing them; there are too many avenues for money and breakers are getting better. You can’t rely on upgrades because runners can wait until the turn they run to play Princess Space Kitten and blank the upgrades you were relying on. Sandburg just encourages going too slow (in my opinion) to be worth playing due to how long it takes to get enough ICE and money to make Sandburg worthwhile. Also Princess Space Kitten blanks Sandburg so that’s another point against it.

Maybe traps like Agg Sec could be worth trying? Making a runner lose their breakers will certainly open up scoring windows. Doing damage in general is good if you can land it while the runner is setting up. Getting tags to trash runner econ is also good, though CtM shows that if you’re sticking tags your deck should be built to turn that into a quick win.

I think the best thing for glacier right now is to walk away the core idea of “making a secure remote to score out of,” and seeing what other avenues can be explored.

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Traps look like a good way for glacier to move forward. Prisec stacked on a server seems really nice.

Yeah, I’m thinking about whether localized product line ( + consulting visit) for 3x prisec is a viable plan for a late game scoring remote.

Also: thematically, I love that in this cycle, the runner cards are making corp deckbuilders say “if I can’t use my nice defensive upgrades, I guess i’m just going to murder the mother fucker, that’ll show 'em”




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I’ve been testing an RP glacier build for the last two weeks and it’s been working ok in my small local meta. The problem is that even without the currents and support cards killing my defensive upgrades, the runner is able to generate unbelievable amounts of economy these days. Winning the game has often comes down to a turn or two of the runner miscalculating the clicks they need rather than actually taxing them out in a server. Glacier now reminds me a lot of playing shell game Jinteki in my early core set days: hoping to win based on an error from your opponent rather than a well calculated play of your own - and that’s not a good feeling.

Here’s the current list for reference:

Jinteki: Replicating Perfection

1x Global Food Initiative ●
1x NAPD Contract
3x Nisei MK II
3x The Future Perfect

3x Jackson Howard ●●●
3x Mental Health Clinic
3x Sundew

3x Caprice Nisei
2x Marcus Batty

3x Celebrity Gift
2x Cerebral Static
3x Hedge Fund
1x Interns

1x Ashigaru
2x Eli 1.0 ●●
1x Himitsu-Bako

2x Crick
2x Enigma
2x Lotus Field
1x Tollbooth ●●

2x Ichi 1.0 ●●●●
3x Pup
1x Susanoo-no-Mikoto
1x Swordsman

In my experience, Susanoo isn’t worth the cost to rez anymore, even with D4V1D on the MWL. That should be a DNA Tracker instead (1 cred cheaper and the effect is devastating). I always had a soft spot for the Batty/Ichi package, could you go -1 static and +1 Batty? I know you’re worried about Rumor Mill, but running two nearly useless currents just feels so wrong and having more Batty around to throw around gives you an opening before they can see their Mills.

The other direction the RP genre can go is pure click taxing (ELP, Ruhr Valley, Strongbox) and hope the runner can’t get the money with enough time to spare.

I’m not caught up to Escaltion, but dang DNA Tracker looks nice. Susan has proven rather underwhelming, and I think dropping one Static is probably wise if I’m going to commit to Batty+Ichi. I wanted ELP in there initially - anybody have a recent list that runs it? I was struggling to find the influence and still have valuable ice.

This is a rough draft, but it’ll give you an idea on how to handle the influence. It could have Sandburg, but I was too lazy to find space (probably -1 Excalibur)


Jinteki: Replicating Perfection (Trace Amount)

Agenda (8)

Asset (11)

Upgrade (3)

Operation (9)

Barrier (4)

Code Gate (6)

Sentry (7)

Other (1)

14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

3 pups, but only 2 DBS? The DBS can find what you need faster though!

Two DBS usually means you see one early enough and Pup is a good, cheap tax that is Parasite bait half the time.