Help with beginner friendly decks

I have introduced a couple of new people to the game, and several of them are interested in getting started with tournament level game and starting their own collections. They asked me if I could create a couple of decks with the current meta, so they could practice a little bit more. I have all of the cards and I am not afraid to proxy a duplicate card if I need to, but I can’t create “balanced” or “fair” decklists in the current meta.

Could you give me a couple decklists from the current meta (core 1, genesis+spin+terminal directive+red sand) for each faction? 4 of each faction with different IDs and the minor runners would be awesome.

My regular group (which I kinda also got started) likes to play with old metas (we are still in the Spin Cycle) so I have no idea how a Moon deck looks like, or if Hayley Lock is still a thing etc.

This probably can be a good start.

Thank you, but those are absolutely not what I asked for.
Could you give me a couple decklists from the current meta

I am familiar with these decks and I have always a set of sleeved “The Big Boy Teaching Decks” around (I like to sleeve up decks), nobody likes them in either of my gaming groups. If I want to teach A:NR I use “real” teaching decks, if one of us wants to explore the deckbuilding opportunities we choose a beginner friendly meta (Core+Genesis), if someone wants to learn about the current meta they go to netrunnerdb and netdeck something they like and test it on

I absolutely don’t see any purpose or reason to play these decks. The only benefit I see in them is that you can organise a tournament where everyone is familiar with every card and deck, which is quite the opposite to regular A:NR in my experience.

I am looking for something else. I am looking for a couple of decklists from the current meta, preferably from different archetypes (CL penguin, HB Moon, NBN assetspam, Weyland Red Planet Couriers, Geist, Noise, Hayley etc.) which are kinda (reasonably) balanced against each other.

I hope this isn’t to much to ask for.

I’d make the argument that, despite rotation not occurring til October 1st, the current meta is actually post rotation. No one is really waiting for the latter half of the month to pass before jumping on the rotation train (aside from those in countries that still have tournaments left before Oct 1st), because that’s the meta going forward. I’d make the additional argument that most people are also playing Core 2 and not the original Core, because the cards are already out, and (again) that’s the world we’ll be living in soon enough.

As for 4 decks of each faction… I don’t think that 4 balanced(ish) decks of each faction has ever come close to existing in a meta at all, let alone good decks for the mini-factions. Adam has come close, but rotation kinda killed that deck off.

Also, as a clarification, which cards do you have?

You seem to make a couple contradictory statements, so before I start throwing decks around, I want to make sure I know what you can and can’t make, so as not to throw cards at you that you can’t use.

I have all of the cards. (I left out the “…” between spin and terminal directive). I am perfectly happy with a 40%/60% “balance”, even a 30% 70% is fine.
Thanks in advance for any decks.

Since the meta is so new, there’s a lot of experimentation going on, and I haven’t had a chance to mess around with tons of decks yet, but here’s what I have been playing with so far. This might be pretty far off what others are doing, but things are so new with this meta that no one knows much right now.

The Meta Says “Maybe”

This is a Palana Foods (Jinteki) deck that runs an agenda suite that focuses on being very hard to steal (with the exception of Labyrinthine Servers, which is just the odd agenda out, since Fetal AI doesn’t exist any more). It runs exclusively 3-point agendas, with the alternate win-con of the Punitive kill, which Obakata helps a lot with. MCA Informant is there because Film Critic ruins the shit out of both the hard-to-steal agenda suite as well as the Punitive kill, and Consulting Visit is there as a second copy of MCA informant as well as a 4th Punitive. The goal of the deck is to score 2 agendas and a “Clones Are Not People,” or to simply murder the runner.

Vanity is a Priority

This is the latest version of my deck, The Vanity Project. It’s primarily a Fast Advance deck, aiming to score most agendas from hand. With Oberth Protocol, Biotic Labor, Audacity, and Red Planet Couriers, there’s a LOT of ways to do this. Don’t try and exclusively score agendas from hand, though, if there’s an opening to just score one. One of the best plays is to use an unrezzed Oberth and a scored Hostile Takeover to Fast Advance out a Project Atlas with 2 counters on it. This allows you a lot of freedom in finding other combo pieces and agendas to close the game quickly. Priority Construction allows you to make a pretty scary looking remote, even if it’s just a bunch of bullshit. Try and not make it bullshit, but bluffing does work sometimes. I often close with the Biotic → RPC to FA the Vanity. The deck got a HUGE boost now that Medium and Parasite are gone, and I honestly think it’s quite good.

Rotato Smoketato

This is the only runner deck I’m messing with at the moment, as Anarch and Criminal lost enough things from core that it seems that Shaper might be the best faction at the moment. This is obviously a stealth deck, and aims at the traditional Shaper plan of locking the remote so that the corp can’t safely score. Once that happens, agendas pile up in hand, and Legwork (or single accesses) can clear those out. Eventually, you close the game in R&D with either Maker’s Eye or Indexing → Mad Dash. You can set up fairly quickly, and can break remotes for pocket change since you spend very little real credits on your breakers. Sac Con is there to extend the life of Tapwrm, as well as Clot against FA decks (as well as provide some Skorpios defense).

Hopefully these provide some fun and challenge. Sorry about only having 1 runner, but things are very new right now, so it’s pretty cool, although relatively unknown what’s going to come out on top. I’ll post more decks as I experiment =)

-Edit- Hey, here’s another runner I actually haven’t played with much yet (seems pretty decent so far), but is based off a friend’s deck that became defunct once Account Siphon rotated out.


It’s a bit of a denial deck, where you try and stack Bad Publicity on them while using the cutlery and Same Old Things to kill their ICE, forcing them to install and rez more, in order to keep their money low. This is furthered by Mining Accident, where you give them the shitty choice of losing 5 money, or giving you a credit per run for the rest of the game. If you can get their hand size down to 2-0 with Protesters it’s especially brutal. Combo decks almost can’t function, since they can only hold a card or two at a time, and the massive bad pub makes breaking into servers a walk in the park. Rebirthing into Alice late game is pretty funny if they have a 1-2 card hand size, because a run on archives forces them to discard. I’m nearly positive that once the new MWL comes out that this deck will probably be illegal again in some form, but in the mean time it feels pretty good.

–More Edits–

I’ve updated the decks assuming the restricted/ban list is real. I have enough reason to think it is that I’m rolling with it.

Also, here’s a Criminal deck!

New-Fangled Gangsign Leela

This deck is designed to abuse the interaction between multiple Gang Signs and Aumakua. With Jackson being gone, Fisk Investment Seminar can over-flood the corp’s hand, making Gang Sign + HQI more likely to hit agendas (as well as just runs on HQ, as well as runs with Sneakdoor). Once again, Tapwrm and Sac Cons form a decent econ engine. I feel weird importing Liberated Acounts into Crim, but money’s gotta come from somwehere, and being overly reliant on run economy can get you into trouble. Other than that, you have your Inside Jobs for being tricky, and a regular set of breakers if Aumakua gets purged. Logos grabs you whatever cards you need at the time. Overall, I think it feels pretty good.