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Hidden Assets - {A Netrunner Video-Cast}


Definitely would have been my play. Just to clarify, there were only 6 credits on Kati when he SEA Sourced.


The tag from masanori around 6 mins. He could have trashed a 15 credit Kati. Equally baffling was the Andy player keeping the tag. Bizzaro netrunner from both sides


The Andy player cleared tags but forgot to remove the token.


yeesh where’d my sound go at the end. i really have to stop with the “sortas” as well. things either are or they aren’t! :slight_smile:


Jared v James! Round 3 of Top 8 at the Raygun Lounge Store Championship. A few surprises await!


Video dump! I’ve started recording on Jinteki.net and OCTGN. Support and feedback always welcome. Enjoy!

Sync Psychobiotics vs Quetzal

Sync Psychobiotics vs Silhouette

Sync Psychobiotics vs. Andysucker

Sync Psychobiotics vs Adam

PPVP Kate vs New Angeles Sol

PPVP Kate vs Haarp 24/7 Butchershop

Ran into Calimsha on Jinteki playing Bagbiter, and I tried to give it a go.

Notorious B.A.G. vs NEH Turtlebacks

Notorious B.A.G. vs NEH Fastro

Nasir Drugs vs Sync Scorch

Nasir Drugs vs Sync Scorch

Adam Modern Prometheus vs HB: Stronger Together


Topic Revival incoming!

Hello Stimhackers, this is me trying to bring this thread back. For a long time it has been @CJFM’s channel, but its original intent was for it to be a Seattle community channel, and we are trying to make it that way. As a part of this, I will be starting to post videos on Hidden Assets. Here is my first attempt, enjoy!

Also, is a facecam wanted? Let me know.


Some more vids! A couple by myself playing @Sirris Noise list that won Colorado regionals. Enjoy!

Feedback is welcome as always!


I’m coming back to content-creation! Hidden Assets is going to be doing a Live morning Sunday stream weekly and both Netrunner and Star Wars: Destiny videos. I’ve decided to branch out to Destiny, as there are a ton of local players who are into the game and want some sort of outlet for discussion and nerding out. If you are hankering for more videos, join me!