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Hidden Assets - {A Netrunner Video-Cast}

Hi everyone,

I’m posting for the first time, but I’ve been a long-time lurker. I’ve put together a channel of Netrunner videos that features Seattle locals from around the city and delves into their deck-construction process. The project is called Hidden Assets.

My goal is twofold: to focus on rogue (perhaps janky) builds and talk about why they work or don’t work, about how they could be improved and rethought, and to get more people from the local area invested in the game and the community, which is strong but spread out.

In the future, I’d like to do deck-techs with newly released cards and then follow that deck as we test it out.

Have camera, will record.

We’re new to this, and are looking to improve the quality of the channel. Already I’ve worked on improving the videos from the first one that I posted a month or two ago. I’d wanted to get the quality up before we launched to the rest of the world, and kudos to our local players who gave good feedback and helped us grow. We’re looking for your comments if you want to discuss with us and your likes if you like us.

I’ll be posting future videos here, but definitely follow us if you like what we’re doing.

Thanks to the local contributors and for your support!



Episode 4: HB: ETF vs Noise
Commentators: Chris, Ryan, and Jakodraco.

Episode 5! Nick tests out some Off the Grid in Tennin Insitute against an oldschool Workshop Noise.
(Commentators: Chris, Stephen, and Nick).

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Jeff Wright and Nicholas Miller go toe to toe in game 2. NBN: Near Earth Hub versus Iain Stirling “Vampire Spook” in what is sure to be an interesting match-up. Enjoy!

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Episode 7: I take a shot at playing Nasir “Wyrm Parasite Recursion” versus Jeff’s Nisei Division. I try not to get scorched while I blow up his ICE. Enjoy!

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Episode 8: Jared joins me for some commentary while he pilots HB: FA. Nick gets his hardware on, and we learn a valuable lesson about Trade-In.

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Episode 9: Underworld Nasir versus Tennin Institute! Jared makes a case for Underworld Contacts in Nasir decks by showing how powerful clickless economy can be.

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Nasir in Focus - Part 1 - A series where we try several different Nasir builds and discuss how to go forward with building for Nasir. In this episode, Ryan plays No Sleep Natman against Cassidy’s Blue Sun Shutdown.

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Episode 10: Jeff pilots “Keystone 2.0” as he takes on Chuck’s Silhouette “Opus Shutdown” in this week’s video!

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Part 2 of Nasir in Focus. Fester Natman vs. Blue Sun Industrial Zone.

Nasir in Focus (and slightly askew) Part 3 - {Wyrm Parasite Recursion vs. Blue Sun}
Chuck takes us through the ups and downs of Wyrm, facechecking with impunity. Cassidy tries, valiantly, to get Will-O-the-Wisp to not suck.

Ep. 11: Leela and Foundry testing!

Nasir in Focus part 4.

Foundry vs Nasir (Solidarity)

Math n’ Stuff - Tournament - Dec 7, 2014

Round 1: Adam T (NBN:MN/Gabe). v. James P. (Andy/NEH)

This second round has some nailbiting moments, sick plays, and complex interactions. James’ Andy/NEH takes on Chris’ Nasir/NEH! Enjoy! Commentary with Stephen and Chris.

Sorry for the long hiatus, everyone. More exciting videos should be up very shortly.

Thomas (Blue Sun/Andy) vs. Chris (Nasir/NEH) - Math n’ Stuff Tournament - Round 3

Game 4 at the top table of the Dec 7 Math n’ Stuff Tournament. Really tight games between Thomas and Stephen. Sorry about the wobble in the camera.

Game 5 - Thomas vs. James. – Brian from SanSan Francisco and Games of Berkeley joins me for the final game of swiss at the Math n’ Stuff store tournament on Dec 7! Thanks to Math n’ Stuff for the prize support, Brian for stopping by, and for the players for the great games!

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Top 8 of the Raygun Lounge Store Championship - Round 1 of Double Elimination: Robert (Blue Sun Off the Grid) takes on Thomas (Stealth Andromeda)!

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Top 8: Raygun Lounge Store Championship – Round 2: Jared (Kate) vs Thomas (Blue Sun)! It’s an Oldschool vs Newschool bloodbath bout!


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