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How much would you pay for a mobile netrunner game app?

They are already going to do that.

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Yeahhh I don’t see how Netrunner works on mobile… sure the occasional NEH FA game is over in 10 minutes, but you can’t count on that. Your boss is going to start wondering why you’re taking so long on the crapper when you get clotted and your Astro is turntabled for a breaking news and you need 30 minutes to finish up the game. And glacier is completely out.

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I would definitely pay for a Hearthstone-like PC app though.

This looks boring, and they should really just take the time to go college to college finding the absolute smartest person in the world that likes android netrunner and building supercomputer AI as their main hobbys. I just want to see something that has heart attached to it, and not some cash grab mobile nonsense. I would pay whatever amount of money for something good, none for something bad. Simple, and yet it seems so difficult to strive for that you may as well wish there were more than 2 north poles in the world.