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How much would you pay for a mobile netrunner game app?

I’m getting frustrated playing jinteki.net on my phone, the screen is too small to fit more than 3 servers Corp side, and it’s an incomprehensible mess when any side has too many cards on their side. I suffer it because it’s either that, or play forge mtg. Also, the discard commands are helpful, but not when you can’t type because you have 3 remote servers and the last card is blocking the text area.

I would honestly pay 50 bucks to whoever can make netrunner work for mobile platforms, and I’m sure many others would too.

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Nothing. A mobile app people buy on an app store seems like a bridge too far, legally speaking.


Nothing either. Picture this. Guy sitting in bus or train, having 30 minutes to kill. Starts ANR game. Too bad game isn’t finished when train arrives, Such a shame, was a good game… quits. JinNet is bad enough already with quitters, don’t want to make it even worse.


Hearthstone made a lot of decisions in the design to work well on a smartphone - cards are deliberately simple and the quantity onscreen limited in order to provide a good user experience. Mechanics, game duration, and the turn structure are all built specifically for mobile.

The design of Netrunner is actively hostile to the phone experience in almost every aspect. I would pay for a good tablet version but phone is a non-starter for me.


A fella tested jinteki on the iPhone with me and he said it turns out to be fine but you certainly don’t want to play NEH on iPhone netrunner…

ANR for mobile would have to look drastically different than the tabletop experience, I think. The rules needn’t be changed, but it would require a condensed UI. Logistics aside, I would pay $10/month for a seamless, digital ANR experience. I’m talking AAA quality, like Hearthstone. Whether this title would be possible on mobile is another question.

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I’d be happy with a way to play other people while I’m about to go to sleep, or have time to kill. If the jinteki.net interface had an option to optimize for mobile, I’d be all over it, wouldn’t most people? I think playing a large sum once for a great package that let’s you download things on a regular basis would be amazing, but I would even suffer a subscription model for netrunner.

I would Kickstart significantly a way to get only text data in jinteki dot net so it was easily playable on mobile (that is, the focus was on making it playable, even if it had to be text only)

Jinteki.net is great on mobile. I just gave it a whirl. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to discard.

Type in /discard #X X being the number of the card you want to discard counting from the left.
All the commands are in the about section on the website I think.

Also, I think it’s great to play, I just wish I had a bigger phone, or a tablet. It’s impossible to take a lot of things back, I’ve used Jackson for no reason other than to type “elp” to my opponent.

I would back this, too, but in my case it’s so I could write an emacs client. :smiley:

The problem with these games is timing. I think this is the main reason theres no good platform for magic as well.

When you have interrupts that you can use on your opponets turn, it makes it hard to incorporate it in a mobile app. I played the magic game on the xbox (and pc) and everytime u played something a timer popped giving time for your opponet to respond. You also had to confirm the end of each phase. It was a ton of clicks per round and I got insanely bored by turn 3.

Play mtg forge* @hotfuss and maybe you’ll see what I’m getting at.

*On Android

I play it on a tablet all the time, and except for the unavoidable lag, it is pretty good.

I tried playing it on a Note 3, was terribly disappointed. Glad to hear it works well on tablet though, I want to get one, but don’t want to pay for an internet plan to use it on the go.

Well you can share the internet from your phone?

Good point, but tethering can be inconvenient. I’m just waiting for FFG to acquire jinteki.net and make money with it, any day now…

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Sharing via Wi-Fi is much less cumbersome.

If FFG ever releases an official app that makes sense and has been playtested to death, I am happy to send a bit more money their way. Pricing would be an interesting point, since as a person who owns all the cards, I may be quite stingy to pay more for their digital versions. I am one of those happy few to have enough people around to play with almost regularly.

Anything else than that would welcome legal action and end up in a huge mess, I think.

I think I would rather have a different game (specifically designed for mobile/tablet) set in the Android universe than have them try to port Netrunner (which I think would go poorly)