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How often to advance NGO (and why)

I was thinking about this and would love to say I thought about it a lot.
So how often to advance your NGO?

  • once
  • twice
  • tripple
    so do you want you opponent to run your NGO? Usually the question is yes. Are you afraid of Hacktivist? Are you afraid of Interdiction?
    When is it more likely for our opponent to run? Sure when you can threaten the win it’s like 100% but otherwise? I had success with installing NGO in my remote and next turn 3x advance it.
    Out of 6 Agenda Azmari it’s usually IAA (install, advance, advance), but in an Old Hollywood Azmari you can run Vulnerability Audit and then IA becomes a thread.
    When you are on low credits often your opponent assumes it’s an NGO.
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I don’t think i’ve ever gone passed 2 advancement on an NGO but i’ve had a lot of joy batting a run with install ICE to sure up server, install NGO then advance. I’ve found this has worked well out of Waylend as people expect it to be an overadvnaced Atles.

NGO Front is weird since its generally too slow as an economy card. However if you are on 1-2 credits its one of the best to bounce back up, but it’s not something I like to IAA in the early game for 8 credits.
If you manage to lure the runner into the remote the card obviously becomes bonkers and can win games almost on its own.

Generally I like to play them when it looks like my opponent can get into my remote, but when it is also not a trivial investment to do so.
If picking between an agenda and an NGO front I also look at my board, if I can protect my remote reasonably while also rezzing some central ICE and score next turn I’ll go for the agenda, otherwise I’d go for the NGO.

Whether it has 1 or 2 adv tokens on it depends entirely on the turn, i never do 3, maybe against leela, but otherwise not. Only situation I’d always put two on it is if I’d have clicked for a credit instead of the second advance, though you could “bluff” the ngo front better by single advancing and taking a credit.


Perhaps not said here, but an NGO when sitting on five points is a glorious thing. At that point, I’d nearly always IAA. Dragging a runner through a server or making them use their stimhack they’ve been holding…/kissing fingers gif.

But that’s the point. At 5 points you could single advance it for the same, if not greater effect. Everybody wants as many credits as possible out of NGO, so a single advanced one looks arguably more like an Agenda.


I think it really depends on your agenda suite. If you are on 6 agenad Azmari IAA makes more sense! But yeah, when you are on matchpoint as the corp NGO is bonkers.

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Interesting (@TugtetguT) that you think it’s to slow! Never thought of this.
I really liked it as an opener in Mti so IAA instead of CelebGift, but this is gone.

When you are on low credits usually it’s to obvious an NGO, so when you are on like 3 creds and IAA, on the other hand when you follow up next turn with clicking for credits… you might try to score that SSL?

On the other hand what I find nice is that it enables you to rez ICE when it’s not clear. So when they think you are trying to score and you rez it, pop it and rez an ICE, but still not be broke. I agree with TugtetguT there is kind of a pattern when it’s an NGO and when not, but I try to play with it a bit.
I also have to say, I hate, when it’s trashed from R&D or HQ and having 6x Cards with 1 Credits Trash cost (NGO + Rashida) is not that nice.

@TugtetguT so are you keeping NGO in your hand when you draw them early game?

I think the benefit of NGO is, not everything that you IAA is an Agenda!