How to beat.... Maxx?

Hi all,

How are people going about winning vs. the likes of Apocalypse Now / Fury Road or Minh Maxx ? I guess I would like to know:

  1. General strategies when you suspect your opponent is about to upload a can of whup ass.
  2. Specific cards to tech ( I normally play Gagarin (This might be the issue) so I include 2-3 crisiums but this doesn’t seem to work well enough)
  3. Ice suites that are actually effective at taxing her Super Corroder. More to the point, its a shame that Weyland doesn’t really have an anti-a.i card.

I normally have an issue getting down ice that is taxing enough on both HQ and R&D to prevent being Keyholed or Siphoned. Additional issues arise when Maxx transitions to either DLR or Apocalypse.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!

As an aside it would be nice if their was a sub forum for how to play against specific archetypes.

Crisium should be enough to fend off nearly every eater maxx, if you can set up sufficiently taxing and annoying servers. Perhaps some interns too. I play eater maxx a LOT and I can say crisium is the best single-card answer to my deck. So much so that I have to slot 2-3 cards JUST for dealing with it.

Also All-seeing-I is 1 influence, which is great vs minh maxx, especially if you can recur it. Also, be more aggressive on scoring out, but not so much so that you leave HQ vulnerable. Upgrades are your friend.


Agreed. These days all the MaxX decks seem to be hitting HQ hard. My first priority against her is to get HQ double (or more) iced and/or upgraded. Then R&D.

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But honestly, which deck are you trying to find answers with? The answer to MaxX is going to be different for each deck.

Trying to use a Gagarin deck i put together, link here: [Gagarin][1]

I think the issue I’m having is during that very early game. If I can get setup then the matchup seems to get tilt towards my favor, but these MaxX decks like to keep the early game going all game.

Turing is a good option as well as Crisiums (which I already use). What sort of decks are you using that are seeing a lot of success?
[1]: How do we make Weyland good? - #440 by LordYismir

Your deck seems fine. I would cut all your Ice Walls for Meru Mati. Forcing them to have the correct amount of credits against you buys you a lot of time to set up further.

Other than that as far as I can see your deck seems pretty well positioned for that match up. Its not Foodcoats good but still pretty good.

Also, while playing Apocalypse MaxX, Glacier in general was a good match up. Attempting to Apoc is far too expensive. Even with help from DDOS.

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Getting the Crisium and protecting HQ is probably key, sometimes you’ll get keyholed early, but they need money to do it.

Wraparound and Swordsman are only one influence each if you want a cheap way of crippling that early Eater aggression.

With regard to your deck I’d probably make a few changes, but specifically here is not have two Wormhole, one if probably okay (easy to get through with a D4v1d counter) for something cheaper that will reliably end the run.

Also you need three Jackson. Keyhole is a problem for you and not having the full suite to put things back in your deck is an easy-to-fix weakness.

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Yeah, having 3 Jackson means that it’s really hard to get rid of him for good, especially if you don’t run recursion, cause he’s an easy target for an early keyhole, if you ask me.

Playing against criminals and non-Noise anarchs means you have to respect the threat of siphon. Make HQ an early priority, but keep simple ice for your R&D. Bleeding accesses off R&D is considerably less painful than losing your credits, especially if you can make them pay for it.

If you can keep siphon spam down, it should be trivial to make R&D too taxing to get into often with Eater Keyhole, at which point you can start threatening remote scoring.

As for your Gagarin, why 54 cards? Also, your agenda spread seems strange. With Public Support, you can run all 3-point or all 2-point agendas and force the runner to have to score at least 1 more agenda then you. If you did that, you wouldn’t need GFI (it wouldn’t effectively do anything), and that would free up 3 influence for that final Jackson and whatever else you might like.

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As a Maxx player myself, I struggle a lot when the corp systematically does the following (usually some sort of NEH or other fast advance type corp)

Double Ice HQ (taxing outer ice, cheap ETR gear check inside ice)
Double Ice R&D (taxing outer ice, cheap ETR gear check inside ice)
Fast advance to score out of hand (single ETR ice on remote can do it if you’re using a sansan to assist with that as that turns off eater)

OK I know I’m not the best player, and I may be doing this completely wrong, but there is no way I can generate enough cash to get consistent accesses using eater/keyhole/wanton destruction, and also trash ‘must trash’ cards like sansan.

DDoS avoids the outer ice for a couple of turns, and if I’m really lucky, I can nuke out a few select R&D picks using keyhole, or maybe dump your hand using wanton using eater to get past the inside ice, but once both ice get rezzed (I cant have permanent DDoS) I can’t afford to run them consistently.

Moving on in the future, I need to consider how I get past this problem since this sort of deck comprises a significant part of the meta, but that’s a question for a different thread.

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There’s lots of good advice here.

One of the things I like to do when a particular deck is giving me trouble is to netdeck it, and play it a few times. It’s easier to know what frustrates a deck if you play it a few times (probably inexpertly, but that’s ok) and see what causes you trouble.

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some good advice here w/r/t your list. Gagarin has some decent tools to frustrate eater maxx, but part of any game plan should be having a leaner, more efficient deck that can find its answers more easier (i.e., 49 cards 4 lyfe). I’ve been playing a lot of @whatisthistreachery’s team-sponosorship-gagarin list in the Gagarin Thread, and I’ve found it to have a pretty robust siphon-disruption game thanks to tutoring effects, crisium recursion, and resource economy disruption through corp town and just general trash-tax.

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