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How to Get A Win With Murder

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/how-to-get-a-win-with-murder/

Discuss the latest StimHack article by @BenConn here.


Nice writeup, though I can’t see it on the main page.

I love that this article could basically have been:

blue sun
curtain wall
oversight AI



tl; dr 10char

It appears the most recent couple of articles get a forum post before they appear on the main page. Not sure why, but it’s what I’ve seen.

caching, one of the two hardest problems in computer science, alongside naming and off-by-one errors.


I’ve made this joke about BenConn: “He’s playing Weyland. I don’t care what ID’s on the table, he’s playing Weyland.” (this threw me for a loop when he showed up to a tournament piloting HB FA though)

This sort of forking is something he’s very good at - and actually pretty hard to counter. It’s not impossible though. You have to keep in mind the specifics of the flatline conditions you’re worried about. For example, Logos or Borrowed Satellite (or even a lone Origami) really messes with the 3-pointers Counterstrike plan. It demands the full three, which is easier said than done, especially in the HB version that is often threatening via Punitive - Archived Memories - Punitive.

However, the strength of the same plan is that a triple punitive will kill a runner with a plascrete and four cards in hand, while the Scorch kills can’t.

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Posted Bounty is a big strength to the flatline; without expose the runner never really knows if it’s an AgSec or not when you IAA it, since just sitting itthere lets you bluff a failed trap. All the more powerful in Blue Sun, where you have the ability to hedge/install/advance an AgSec, and bounce it next turn to show them what it was, only to IAA “something” back in the remote. Don’t run it, and it becomes a 1 credit guaranteed SEA source , or run it and enable the tag trace and possibly lose programs along with it. All the better with Shattered Remains if they have Plascretes.

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I liked the article – it’s not anything particularly new or revolutionary, but it’s not claiming to be. I’ve played against more than a couple of people that it’d’ve been nice to be able to point to something like this.

I dunno, I recognize it won’t be of much use to the forum community here, by and large, but hopefully it’ll help new people understand how this whole “flatlining” business works a bit better.