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How to get OCTGN game log?

I wanted to obtain game’s log to analyze with http://www.acoo.net/stats-from-text.php
wasn’t sure how to do it, tried copy / pasting from the chat (didn’t work. To be precise: couldn’t copy anything)
Then tried the “Game” menu -> “Game log” - which either didn’t work or I’m not sure what the result should be.

yeah I’ve never gotten that to work either

I just mark the chat from “player is representing the Runner/Corporation X” till “player wins the game!” and ctrl + c. Is there a way without scrolling through the whole thing?

I believe double-clicking the log will highlight all the text within. I believe Control+A (the shortcut for “Select All”) should also work.

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I do it all the time. Basically, this. Click in the chat box, CTRL + A, then CTRL + C, finally paste in acoo (or Notepad to test).