How to play Netrunner online with

I know most players here already know how to play on but I thought someone might come across the forum and be interested in this. I wrote a step by step guide on how to play online with and I hope it can be useful to newer or less experienced players:

Netrunner: How to play online with

I just hope it can be useful. Online play is extremely important for both the game and its players right now and I hope this helps them both :slight_smile:


Great article; I bet you were holding back a bit about how to actually “play” netrunner; as your article does a good job highlighting how to use the interface of the website.

Wonderfully (oddly?), at our last Game Store meet up, one of my friends taught two new people how to play. Should they deep their toes in the cyber-waters, I’ll point them over to your article.

Thanks! And yeah, I did hold back a bit. I thought about it and, in the end, I realized that it was not just a matter of people knowing how to play, but of being able to interact with the community and feel comfortable interacting with the website. Being able to play becomes easier if you can do that.

I hope the newcomers like the game and start playing online soon! :slight_smile:

Your article could ease a new player way into jnet, good to have it. Maybe you could add a part where it points out that some times it would be needed to ask the opponent if they have any action to do.

For instance, if the runner got something like clone and similar installed and corp FA or 2 cost agendas, they may want to install clot. It’s a while I’m playing on jnet and I keep forgotting this from time to time… :smiley:

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