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I felt I had to share why the game meant so much to me and did a small video

I’m kind of heartbroken. Ths is a game that has meant so much to me on so many levels that the cancellation news hit me hard. I always thought it would always be there, waiting for me to come back after such busy times and now it’s cancelled and dissapearing. And I’m sad. And I wanted to share with everyone why this game has mattered so much to me and to others.So I’ve done something I’ve never done before, I went and recorded a video.


It’s pretty amazing how a game about distopia, greed, violence, and crime nutured one of the friendliest, welcoming, and egalitarian gaming communities ever.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, brother Runner.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts–I feel connected to so much of what you are saying.


I recognise your avatar from BGG, I think, but your handle escapes me. What was your username over there?

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Thank you all, I truly appreciate all these comments, they mean a lot to me. You have been great.


I’m General_Norris at BGG, the guy with the animated Taiko avatar, I haven’t checked how to change my name, sadly. After I created my blog, I simply used my name, it’s how I’m called everywhere now.

EDIT: By the way, if someone wants to keep in contact you can hit me at www.eriktwice.com and @eriktwice on Twitter


That’s right! You’ve been there from pretty close to the beginning, hey? That avatar reminds me of people like Geoff Hollis, Alexfrog, Tuism and Llululien, the old old guard of A:NR.

Your video reminds me of one by the Tolarian Community College guy, where he credits being invited to play M:TG with breaking him out of his shell. I’m glad A:NR helped you in a similar way.


Yes! Haha, I started playing when the second Data Pack was released. None of the sites we know today existed, it was all Boardgamegeek and the Spanish edition of the game still wasn’t out.

Thank you. I really think it was one of the things that helped me become a much better person and much happier, alongisde travelling across Europe and leaving Unviersity.


Oh nice, one of the true Old Guard! We had some great times over at BGG before this here forum stole us all away (I’m laikal over there, though as with my ANR time, my BGG time has greatly diminished in recent years). I have such positive memories of talking netrunner shop with you, spags, lululien, alexfrog, hollis, etc. over there back when we were all learning about how tempo and combo was going to work in ANR :).

I played the OG Netrunner (yes, CCG model and all) and was all in on the revised LCG as soon as it was announced. Most of my best and most positive gaming community experiences are with y’all early-game crew on BGG and later this here forum, and it was so great to collaborate and jam agendas with folks all over the dang world in this game.

My only regret is not playing more.


Sometimes the internet feels huge, and sometimes it feels tiny. I loaded up on 3 cores before I had anyone to play with, and it was great talking shop with everyone back on BGG. When Personal Workshop first came out, the rules for hosting had to be rewritten and NoiseShop mill became a terror (god, how the -shop suffix changed meaning), when the original AndySucker list was posted (with Doppelganger, no less), when the game felt small and we salivated over every scrap of text waiting for scans. When Llululien worked out NBN Never Advance, and Hollis cracked Jinteki:PE and came up with “work compression”. When CardgameDB was the only deckbuilder we had, and when it looked like HBFA was going to rule always and forever. Those were some of the best times.

I’m sad to see Netrunner cease production, but I’m kinda looking forward to starting a new game at the ground floor. Maybe we’ll run into each other again.


Haha, yes! I remember all the hubbub when I posted my Mandatory Upgrades decklist and people were going crazy because I had only 2 Hedge Funds haha. They were right, I’m not gonna deny it now =p

Mine too. I feel I let so many opportunities pass because I was lazy or didn’t organize myself well. I’ll always regret not updating my blog. So many people liked my stuff and it costed me so little to do it that I feel guilty.

I really hope so. Life goes on but the memories will stay. And, hey! The game isn’t over yet :slight_smile:


I discovered A:NR right after C&C and wondered how the hell a reboot of one of my favorite games had slipped under my radar.

I followed the BGG forums religiously after that and participated as much as my limited experience made sense.

I eventually discovered Tobin and the Colorado meta, and made time to join the crowd locally.

BGG was a great community during those early cycles.

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