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Identity Crisis

Corps are undefeated in my scant testing thus far.

Had a fairly epic game with purple Blue Sun that saw me scoring a Chronos Protocol while the Runner was at 6 cards in grip, no cards remaining in stack (40-card Chaos Theory out of Andy, the cards came and went quick). I locked the Runner out with an 8-counter IT Department, then I got vamped for 30+ credits. I baited the Runner into a BER’d Janus 1.0 with Adonis to set-up a scoring window while up 5-4 and scored the final agenda behind two Curtain Walls. It was silly.

I ported NEH AstroBiotics (minus the asset econ - but kept NEH for the 17 influence) into Cerebral Imaging, which turns out to be really fun (makes absurds amounts of money and scores everything out of hand - standard NBN agenda suite is good in CI, who knew? heh), if not as good as Titan.

I could make Corps decks with this variant for days. Still not happy with any Runners.

Can you use Data and Destiny?

How about this one, CT into Sunny? Kind of like a 40 card Prepaid Kate, but with Underworld Contacts instead of Prepaids. Get your credits every turn! Seems like in order to combat the Fastro into Titan you’d want recurring Clot for sure, and then serious speed and multiaccess.

CT into Sunny

Sunny LeBeau

Event (17)

Hardware (7)

Resource (5)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (6)

Everything up to Old Hollywood is legal, but no Universe of Tomorrow or Data and Destiny it seems.

For anyone curious, we ended up having 28 players and here’s the top eight…

  1. Custom Biotics into Blue Sun and Chaos into Noise
  2. TWIY into Titan and MaxX into Kate
  3. NEH into Titan and Chaos into Valencia
  4. Custom Biotics into Biotech and Express into Kim
  5. RP into Cybernetics and Quetzal into Kit
  6. TWIY into Titan and Chaos into Kit
  7. NEH into Titan and Noise into Kate
  8. Custom Biotics into Blue Sun and Express into Reina

First time ever a Top 8 list for any Netrunner event has contained 3x Custom Biotics decks, right? Heh.
Weyland identities alone had 54 wins at the event, Runners had 60 wins total.
21 of the 28 players ended up with a Weyland identity, spread across Blue Sun, Argus, and Titan.