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Imaginary Cards

Post your ideas for cards here, both serious and silly!
I remember the other week I was thinking about an Anarch “drug” card where you got one extra click but it cost more and more or you could take damage in some way. And now a few weeks later we got Stim Dealer. It’s really fun to come up with card ideas and speculate on upcoming cards because some ideas will come true.

So here’s one I made earlier today on the FB group with the instruction “HB zero rez cost”:

Monoturret (HB, 3 Inf)
Type: ICE, Sentry
Str 0 Rez 0

When you rez Monoturret, the runner trashes one installed card.

-> Derez Monoturret


Too strong? Maybe should be a 1 or 2 rez instead?


What about?

When you rez Monoturret, the runner trashes one installed program.

-> Remove Monoturret from the game.

Something to help Anarchs and make Scrubbed/Bishop/Ice Carver better but not having synergy with Datasuckers:

Boost (Anarch, 4 Inf)
Event: Run
Cost: 0
Make a run. Bypass every ice encountered with strength 3 or less during this run. If you encounter ice with strength 4 or more end the run after the encounter. After the run is completed, suffer 1 brain damage (cannot be prevented).


Not sure I get this? Why wouldn’t the runner want it to be trashed though? Corp can just trash it whenever they install new ice on that server… Actually that would be preferable as they can use it again with archived or Jackson.

I like this idea! Not sure about the brain damage though. Maybe one net damage per ice? Or maybe bypass every ice but take brain damage for every str 4 or more ice?

I misunderstood the -> sign. Here’s what I actually meant

When you rez Monoturret, the runner trashes one installed program. Remove Monoturret from the game.

I was trying to make it less strong. Being able to trash 1 installed card for 1 click is pretty OP.

I agree it’s OP, but I really like the “Derez” subroutine (are there any subroutine-less Ice?) as a way of sort of reloading it (and at Str 0 it’s easy to break) — I think maybe just having a rez cost of 2 is the best way to nerf it. That the runner chooses which card to trash is also important.

Or keep it at 0 Rez but it’s 1 net damage instead of trashing cards.

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I was going to make this thread today! Here’s one I have been thinking about, inspired by Damon Stone’s claim that more no/low econ options for Runners are coming. I still haven’t fully fleshed out the theme/title, but the concept is a program that functions as a suit/mech, turning the Runner herself into an Icebreaker.

Paragon - 5C - 2MU
Neutral - **
Program - Icebreaker
Click: Break ice subroutine.
If Paragon is destroyed, take 1 brain damage.
Paragon’s Strength is equal to the number of credits in your credit pool.

It seems balanced to me. Early game it may get you more accesses than otherwise possible, but once Corp has 2+ pieces of ICE over a server, you’re not going to be able to get into more than 1 server a turn. Moreover, it is counter-productive with other Icebreakers, as they would diminish your cred pool and Paragon’s Strength as you used them. It almost like a flexible fixed breaker. Thoughts? Does the destruction penalty need to be steeper?

I realize it may need to be reworded too. We cannot currently spend clicks in the middle of a run, can we? It could be changed to "Whenever you encounter a piece of ICE, that ICE gains “<Eli’s pre-sub text>” But without sub-breaking text, the program wouldn’t be an Icebreaker. I guess that would work, though.

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How about:

When you rez Monoturret add one installed card to the top of the runners stack

-> Derez Monoturret


That way it’s simply a tempo reduction and tax, rather than a potentially repeating rototurret.


I like the idea of placing an installed card on stack instead of trashing; however, with that effect not being a subroutine, it can never be broken, and I think the card is too powerful as such. If placed on a central server “Monoturrent” would quickly become an incredibly taxing card, with no way (besides bypassing) for the Runner to avoid it.

as long as they break the subroutine, it never happens again. The only subroutine he proposed is that it derezzes.

Here’s two shaper long-term breakers to partner with Deus X and Sharpshooter.

Shield - 1c
Shaper - 2 inf
Program - 1 MU - Icebreaker
1c: +2 Strength
1c: Break up to 2 AP subroutines
Strength 0

Fortress - 1c
Shaper - 3 inf
Program - 1 MU - Icebreaker
3c: +2 Strength
1c: Break up to two Destroyer subroutines.
Strength 4

oh, right, duh. they just break the Derez sub, gotcha.

Geronimo - 5C - 1MU
Anarch - ****
Program - AI - Icebreaker
At the beginning of your turn, if Geronimo has 5 or more power tokens, trash it and take 5 net damage. If not, place a power token on Geronimo.
Geronimo’s strength is equal to the amount of power tokens on it.
0c: Break ice subroutine.

I feel that if they were virus counters, it could potentially be exploited with swapping counters to other cards to keep it out indefinitely.

Monoturret: I’ll play three of them in Blue sun all day :stuck_out_tongue:

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yup, there you go. broken.

You might want to change the wording: “If Geronimo has 5 power tokens, take 5 net damage In the beginning of your turn, then trash Geronimo.” This way the damage should fire even if you trash it with Aesops, right?

Love the idea though! Like an in-faction Atman.

I think maybe there’s a bit too much going on here. Could be split up into several cards: how about a Bioroid (works thematically with the brain damage) resource where you can “lose a click” (that’s how you spend clicks without actually “clicking”) to break ice? and another breaker with strength equal to credit pool but with a 2 cost to break? would make a nice criminal card!

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‘Monoturret cannot be trashed while rezzed

Edit: added the bolded part, ups the stakes a bit!

(sorry for the triple post, haven’t quite learned how to use the forum yet)

I like the second idea. The first (clicking resource) seems a bit too good, though. Here is the new Icebreaker

Thug - 5C - 2MU
Criminal - **
Program - AI - Icebreaker
2C: Break ice subroutine.
Thug’s strength is equal to the number of credits in your credit pool.

I feel like Stirling would like this card.

That’s great! I like how at first it seems to good to be true, and then you realize it is :wink:

I’m gonna give the Bioroid a shot:

Rogue 1.0 (Neutral, 2 Inf)
Resource - Bioroid - AI
Cost: 7
Lose a click: break a subroutine on an AP piece of ice.
If Rogue 1.0 is trashed, take 1 brain damage.
‘Give me protection and I can get you in’

Rogue 2.0 (Neutral, 2 Inf)
Resource - Biroid - AI
Cost: 9
Lose 2 clicks: break up to 2 subroutines on a piece of ice.
If Rogue 2.0 is trashed, take 2 brain damage.
‘Time is not your problem, it’s keeping me safe that is’

1.0 works only on AP ice but you can break up to 3 subroutines with it. 2.0 you can only use once per turn but can break any 2 subroutines at a greater risk. Remember these cards can be trashed if the runner is tagged!

I had a weird idea this morning

Alexandria (Unique, Neutral, 3 Inf)
Ice: Code Gate - Mythic - Location
Rez: 10 Str: 5
[image of a huge library with bookcases falling over, domino style]
When encountering Alexandria, the runner may draw 1 card.
-> The runner draws 10 cards.
-> The runner draws 10 cards.
‘From A to Z’

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