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Imaginary Cards


Way gross. Being able to Stinson Midseason and/or BOOM! is a disgusting, dirty thought.

Anyone think that there’s any sort of downside that could make a 2/2 balanced? I know that there kind of already is one (3rd Medical Breakthrough), but is there another way to do it?


I suppose there is some precedent for it with violet level clearance, but you’re right that just gets you money and draws cards, it won’t win you the game. I will say though, if the runner ended their turn after stealing an agenda with fewer than 6 credits, then they’re gonna have a bad time anyway against any sort of kill deck.


Which is perfect for Weyland :smiley:

I’d make a card like this.

Finishing Move
Neutral Agenda - Adv 2 : Score : 2

If Finishing Move is in the corporation’s score area at the end of your turn, shuffle it back into R&D.

Inf: 1

Something like that, so in order for it to stick, if would have to the last agenda you score.


Huh. Yeah, that’s actually pretty solid. Limit 1 Per Deck?


Probably, there is likely some really dumb cheese you can do with Team Sponsorship right now. Not sure if it needs the influence then though.


Cyberdex Elite
Neutral Agenda - 4/2
When you score Cyberdex Elite, purge virus counters.
3c: Purge virus counters.
Some problems really do go away if you throw money at them.


Direct Marketing
NBN: Agenda - 4/2
When you place an advancement token on an installed agenda, you may score that agenda if the number of advancement tokens on it are equal to or greater than the advancement requirements of that agenda.
Even when it is your time, it is our time.

Wording on this is a little funky, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do it right now. Essentially, when you have this scored it lets you score agendas on the runner turn, but you have to be advancing it on their turn to do so. Turns on things like Puppet Master and Matrix Analyzer. It’s fairly powerful, but requires a considerable investment to get it set up to the point where it can be strong, and even then you’ll be using really sub-par things to get it working.


Neat concept. I imagine you’ve avoided the obvious “Agendas can be scored on the runner’s turn” to prevent the corp from baiting a run only to score at 4.3? Otherwise I don’t see any reason to restrict this to only Puppet Master effects. So I think I’d write it “Agendas can be scored on the runner’s turn. You cannot use this ability during a run.”

EDIT: Actually with your wording you could score during a run, so nevermind. Hmm, you may have worded it the best way. It still just seems a bit odd because when first reading it someone would probably think, “well duh that’s how it works anyway!” :slight_smile:


Something relatively cheap to help slow runners set up. A good place to work toward Peace in our Time.

•Brian’s Café - 0
Neutral Resource: Connection - Location
When your turn begins, if you have not made a run this turn, you may pay 1c to gain [click]. If you do, you cannot make a run this turn.
"This place is neutral ground. You can caf up and code 'til you crash, meet up with friends, deal in whatever you want, but you do not break the sanctity of the café by connecting to a corp server. Got it?"


So here are two ideas I had for really bad agendas for wild decks:

Exodia: The Forbidden One
Neutral Agenda - Forbidden - 2/0
If there are 5 Forbidden agendas in your score area, this card is worth 2 additional victory points.
Limit 5 per deck.


Exodia: The Forbidden One
Neutral Agenda - Forbidden - 5/3
If there are 5 Forbidden agendas in your hand, add them to your score area.
Limit 5 per deck.

obviously one or the other, not both


Localized Product Line -> win? on the second one?


Oops, forgot about that. For some reason I thought that card only did events. However, there could be 5 differently-named ones that are limit 1 per deck.


Something for anti-asset spam (and making Helium-3 Deposit semi-relevant):

Public Humilitation - 0
Place 3 power counters on Public Humiliation when it is installed. When there are no power counters left on Public Humiliation, add it to your score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points.
You cannot use Public Humiliation more than once per turn.
[click]: Remove a power counter from Public Humiliation. Use this ability only if you made a successful run on 3 different servers this turn.
Neutral •○○○○


NBN ICE-Advertisement-Barrier
Rez: 2
Influence: 1
Trash: 4
Strength: 3
When your turn begins, gain 1.
-> End The Run

It’s like the one you just installed, but better!


Security log sharing contract - 2 (Obviously this needs a new name)

Asset, Virtual
Weyland 3 Influence
Trash cost: 5

Every time the runner accesses a card that is not in Archives, gain 1c

Basically the W form of Hostile Infrastructure. Interesting to me in that it counters Medium digs indirectly in an interactive way.


So, it’s a PAD Campaign that’s even harder to trash (rare for that trash cost to matter once it’s installed), or a cheaper Wall of Static that pays for itself in 2 turns. Do you consider those two cards to be weak enough that combining them is worthwhile?


I think this directly replaces PAD and WoS in NBN. It should probaby have some text like “The first time the Runner breaks all subroutines on Adware during a run, they may pay 4c. If they do, trash Adware.”

Specifying that the Corp trashes it prevents it from being bonkers in CtM.


The Virtual Maxim

Art: A cyberspace machine gun destroying virtual corporate buildings

Criminal-Resource-Virtual-3 Influence

5 Install Cost

Install only if you’ve made a successful run on HQ, RnD and Archives this turn.

(trash can icon): Trash all rezzed assets without paying their trash costs

“Wait, what the hell do you mean they’re just gone?” - Chairman Hiro

I was thinking of both a card to hard counter straight asset spam (but not all asset-based decks; I think this finds the balance against mass assets but isn’t worth it against most decks) and is a “whole turn card” for criminal like Encore and Notoriety.

It is also a card Geist wants to play for the trash can and because he too sucks at against asset spam.

Feel free to address anything on it.

edit: lowered install cost from 7


Awakened Code
Haas-Bioroid - Operation - Cost: 1 - Influence: 1
Install Awakened Code on a non-AI Icebreaker.
Host Icebreaker gains the AI subtype.

Odd utility to give bite to your Anti-AI tech even if the runner is not running AI. Really not sure if it would be worth the deck slots, but helps best with Turing, Chiyashi, Swordsman, and IP Block.

Turing is probably the best partner to it since it could lock down a server for a bit.

Maybe it should be an “if the runner made a run last turn” card?


With this, Hostile Infrastructure makes the runner sad, but I like the concept a lot. Probably a bit pricey on the install cost considering its after hitting all centrals.