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Install From Heap podcast thread

I am pretty sure all subroutines resolve even if the first ends the run.

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A Hacktivist Meeting section would be awesome :slight_smile:

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ah, then that definitely powers up cards like Hive and Tour Guide. It’s funny, I can play this game for years and still get confused by the rules. But I guess that makes sense–if you had a piece of ICE that said ETR, Do 1 Net, Do 1 Net; then it’s not like the ETR prevented the other two subs from firing. So if an ICE says, ETR, ETR, ETR, then even though the first subroutine ends the run, technically the other two still fire. Gotcha :slight_smile:

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Yep, this is confirmed. Rule 3.2 says “3.2 Resolve all subroutines not broken on the encountered ice.” So all five “end the run” subroutines resolve on Hive.

I spend a huge amount of my time in this game figuring out that interactions I thought I understood are not correct. :frowning:

Nah they don’t fire if a previous one ends the run. See cards like little engine or street magic

Ah, I figured it out. You are right, they don’t resolve. But Chief Slee gets counters “for each unbroken subroutine on the encountered piece of ice.” So it’s not the resolution, it’s the breaking. If you don’t break all five subs on Hive, Slee gets five counters.


Actually, Chief Slee doesn’t care about subroutines firing, just that they weren’t broken. For example a Spiderweb completely resolving would net 3 counters even though only 1 ETR “fired”.


I’m pleased to announce we’re on Podbean now.

Enjoying the episode (about half way through), but I can’t find this Chaos Theory 11 you say is on NetrunnerDB. Mind dropping a link?
Edit: found it here. Sorry I didn’t think to check your web site!

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Sorry about that! I’ll try to make it more clear where I’m posting show notes. Thanks for listening.

Episode 15:Calling from Tech Support is live!

Follow up here to participate in the Hacktivist Meeting challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Chief Slee discussion!

ps - If your podcasting app automatically downloads the podcast, you may want to delete and re-download. I posted one version Saturday night that had a mistimed clip. I posted the corrected on Sunday morning. It’s not a huge deal, but a bit annoying.

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Appreciate the episode as always!

Two things I noticed that were a bit off:

  • The audio clip from Hackers does not initially play (there’s just a bit of dead air). Then, it does start playing, and the audio of you talking is playing at the same time, making it hard to hear either. Thankfully, I’m extremely familiar with Hackers so I didn’t miss out on that audio, but I wanted to hear what you were saying!

  • Information Sifting piles have to include at least one card. So if you have 5 cards in hand, the most aggressive piles you can offer the runner are 1 card and 4 cards.

By the way, I really liked the feature on Kevin Mitnick. Great illustration of the uniqueness of the Install from Heap podcast and why it is such a welcome addition to the Netrunner podcast landscape.

Thanks for recording! I identified a lot with you talking about putting out a podcast feels like you are speaking to nobody. Thank you for fighting through those feelings so you can talk to me!


Thanks, Sanjay! The flawed recording has been replaced, but I think it is nigh impossible to push it as a re-download. Alas. Thanks also for the info-sifting correction. I heard the idea of the pile of zero on another podcast and must have misunderstood.

I appreciate your nice comments and listenership.

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I know that when Information Sifting first got spoiled people got pretty excited about the brinksmanship of offering all the cards in one pile, but unfortunately the UFAQ’s definition, then the FAQ’s definition of a pile as one card took that option off the table.


Hi Brendan, long time fan of the show.

Would something like Mining Accident work in your difficult Corp decisions deck?


Another good one Episode!

Agreed with Drayven that Mining Accident is an excellent “bad choice” card. If it’s seen early (so perhaps having 2x or 3x in a deck) that can get the corp off to a bad start. I’ve heard “best practices” is to just lose the five credits; though if that occurs in turn 1 or 2, that can be a big deal.

So I’m doing a Cutlery Turtle Reina Deck with En Passant; I think Mining Accident might be a great fit in there. Here is the current build (with no mining accident). It also has High Stakes Job in it, basically because it combos with DDoS and I had influence to spare.

2 Dean Lister
2 En Passant
2 MKUltra
3 Sure Gamble
2 Inject
2 Xanadu
3 Aumakua
2 Liberated Account
2 Black Orchestra
1 Spooned
2 Magnum Opus
1 D4v1d
2 Run Amok
2 Same Old Thing
2 Paperclip
2 The Turning Wheel
1 Forked
2 High-Stakes Job
1 Knifed
2 Maw
2 DDoS
2 Daily Casts
3 Street Peddler

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Thanks for listening, Drayven! I appreciate it. Absolutely it would be a great card!

@Anthony_Pearson This looks wicked good, though between the DDOS and the cutlery, looks like the corp won’t get much choice about losing the ice or not, eh? Love it!

I like the include of high stakes job to really make money off those runs.

Here’s the deck I’m tuning based on these suggestions. Lots of one-ofs so we can see what does work.

Great episode! Happy to be part of the official Hacktivist Meeting. You asked us to use Social Engineering (SE)… and to be honest its very hard to include this card without trying to shoehorn it in. This is mostly due to the tryhard in me that would rather include Inside Job, Spear Phishing, or Run Amok. SE is kind of like the shaper version of those cards because often times the Corp will just choose not to rez. Additionally, it really feels like SE came out in a time where Prepaid VoicePad was rampant and skewing the way things were costed. Anyway, with that in mind, if we’re forced to include SE (haha), we definitely want to make the decision to rez a little bit harder. This makes En Passant a great choice for giving the corp a more difficult time.

This would be my first attempt at a Los build:

Los: Data Hijacker

Event (15)

1 Emergency Shutdown
2 Employee Strike ●​●​ :unicorn:
3 En Passant ●​●​●​●​●​●​
1 Forged Activation Orders
1 Information Sifting
2 Inside Job
2 Social Engineering ●​●​●​●​
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (1)

1 Logos

Program (11)

2 Abagnale
1 Aumakua
2 Demara
2 Faerie
1 Femme Fatale
3 Tapwrm

Resource (18)

3 Aeneas Informant
3 Daily Casts
2 Dean Lister
3 Earthrise Hotel
2 Maxwell James
3 Sacrificial Construct ●​●​●​
2 Same Old Thing

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