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Install From Heap podcast thread




  1. Push Your Luck is a dumb, bad card and Harry are Marv and befitting of their bad, dumb luck.
  2. Drive By: Because in the movie, The Wet Bandits case the neighborhood…you know, driving by :slight_smile:
  3. Three Steps Ahead: At one point in the movie, they try to get a head of Kevin’s plans, going around some traps (though running into other traps)
  4. Fall Guy: Because they fall on ice when heading out of the basement (ahem, I.C.E.)
  5. Tri-Maf Contact: Because Harry and Marv are criminals and while The Wet Bandits aren’t exactly a high level crime org; they have made some money in the past due to their robberies.


  1. Ghost Branch: Because Kevin is Home Alone and Kevin is a spunky kid who will tag those runners. Say your prayers, ya filthy animal!
  2. Snare: Because it’s a trap, albeit there is only one of them–Kevin likes to diversify his pain.
  3. Brainstorm: The hay-maker of the deck’s ice…think falling paint cans and and an iron on the stove.
  4. Salem’s Hospitality: because Kevin is nearly omniscient in his sense of where Harry and Marv are going and what they are going to do.
  5. Miraju and Mind Game: Because Kevin pushes and pulls the Wet Bandits in and out of his house; just when they think they are going one direction, they end up going another–and sometimes with their hair on fire.


I am blown away by how thematically appropriate making a Home Alone themed Corporation.

Kevin constantly needling the Wet Bandits with consistent damage is a great example of how to end the run without “end the run”.


These are excellent! What great theming.

What it feels like when you fight your way into a server and find a junebug waiting for you…


My buddy Alec and I are gonna play shortly! (12/21/17) @ 1:20ish Eastern :slight_smile:


Kevin is all about that positional ice, getting the Wet Bandit to remove his shoes THEN hit him with the ornaments.


game is live now! :slight_smile:


Results from Game 1: Kevin defeats the Wet Bandits through the power of Data Raven Tokens and Thoth for the kill.


As it should be.


Episode 18 of Install from Heap is live.


Really enjoyed the Laramy Fisk portion of the show. I will now forever see him as the Tony Robbins of our Cyber-Punk Future.

“I"m here to give you cards; I know you want these cards. I KNOW YOU NEED THESE CARDS, and if you follow my three easy steps, you can have all the cards your body and soul DESERVE.”*

*at -1 handsize


Here’s a deck I’ve been playing with for a bit that fits nicely with the latest hacktivist theme. The card I chose to highlight is Au Revoir (though The Source will be leaving us as well). I’ve always been a fan of Au Revoir but it has always been underpowered, especially when you can just play a single Magnum Opus and get more bang for your buck influence and efficiency wise. So my idea was to pair it with Security Nexus + Power Tap. The dream was to have 3 Au Revoir installed + 3 Power Taps + Nexus (+ 2 extra link from somewhere) so you can bypass an ICE, gain 3 for Power Tap, then jack out for 3 Au Revoir credits!!! But… that dream was too much work to achieve. However, in the process I discovered that Turning Wheel and Au Revoir is amazing if you can consistently break/bypass an ICE on R&D or HQ over again. In this way, Au Revoir started to act like a discount on breaking ICE in order to gain turning wheel tokens… and it kinda worked! Additionally, not playing magnum Opus means we can play Film Critic, which allows our The Source to have staying power. Here’s the list:

Wine Mom


Event (10)
1 "Freedom Through Equality"
3 Build Script ●​●​●​
3 Career Fair ●​●​●​
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (7)
1 Feedback Filter ●​
3 Security Nexus
3 Sports Hopper

Program (12)
3 Au Revoir ●​●​●​●​●​●​
3 GS Sherman M3
3 GS Shrike M2
3 GS Striker M1

Resource (21)
1 Beth Kilrain-Chang ●​●​●​
3 Daily Casts
3 Data Folding
3 Earthrise Hotel
2 Film Critic ●​●​ :unicorn:
3 Maxwell James ●​●​●​
1 The Source ●​●​
2 The Turning Wheel ●​●​
3 Underworld Contact


I’d like to share my current Safe Steve Seminar deck for your Hacktivist Challenge (i.e., a deck built around a specific card from Lunar or SanSan cycles). I didn’t originally intend for this to be a Fisk Investment Seminar deck, but that’s how I view it now. Seminar is an accelerant in the early game…but it’s an attack card in the late game. Early game I use Steve’s ID to support the Peace Worm engine by recurring Saccons that keep Tapwrms out. Late game, I use Steve to recur Seminar…even with no cards left in the stack. You can Seminar into a Gauntlet run HQ or Seminar into an Equivocation run on R&D to put another card into HQ.

Steve lets you produce up to five Seminars in long grinding matches…which makes it a lot better. Three seminars is just not enough reliable pressure to be good. One thing I like about Seminar is that if you’re paying close attention, you can pick up clues about what the Corp’s flood situation is. It’s one of those cards that needs a great pilot to truly shine. Seminar was never going to be good with Jackson Howard at large, but in 2018 it may finally be playable before it gets shutdown.

Safe Steve Seminar

Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter (Terminal Directive)

Event (16)

Hardware (2)

Resource (16)

Icebreaker (7)

Program (4)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


Huh - what do you think it would need to really make it shine? The real challenge with Fisk Investment Seminar is, of course, that the corp wants to have the cards in their deck, so flooding them isn’t as good as we wish it were. Could it be combined with some of those HQ size-reduction cards?


This is the deck that I’ve been playing for about two months. I consider it fairly well tuned. I artlernate between Femme, Vamadeva, and Aumakua. Deva is mostly a Mythic ICE meta call…otherwise no. I also sometimes include a second Maxwell James as the 46th card.

The trick with Seminar comes down to choosing when to play it. You have to think about it as an attack card rather than a draw card. The ideal Seminar play is to string them together on consecutive turns. If you can get two in hand, then you can get three plays in a row with Steve ID. I often choose to Equivocation run after the first Seminar to make HQ discard decisions tougher, then Gauntlet run on the second/third Seminar turn.

If you just play it whenever you need draw it loses its teeth. Evenly spaced Seminars don’t work cause the Corp has time to recover. Sometimes I play it early to jumpstart draw, but that’s a last resort. My worst matches are when Earthrise doesn’t come out by mid game.


Maybe a Lewi? Especially if Tapwrm sticks.