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Interesting Ice Design Space - First Encounter (Speculation)

Interactions with Ice form a unique and interesting aspect of Netrunner. I was thinking of design space when it comes to ice and what would create interesting interactions. I think that ice with a “When first encountered” ability could change things up. For example:

Barrier, Trap, AP
Rez (3)
Strength (1)
“When first encountered, do 1 net damage.”
-> End the run

This ability would only trigger the first time the runner encounters the ice, but would stick around, unlike other trap ice. These ice would have interesting interactions with derezzing, recursion, and unused cards like Midori. Here’s another example:

Barrier, Trap
Rez (5)
Strength (0)
“When first encountered, end the run.”

Aside from these specific examples, what do people think of the mechanic in general?

I like the idea. I don’t understand why anyone would play Fuse, but there is a lot of potential. I think it would be even cooler if the ability reset if the card was derezzed. It would be nice against Emergency Shutdown, Crecentus, etc, but it would probably make BlueSun even more powerful.

I think the idea behind Fuse is that the subroutine cannot be broken with a Fracter. Even so, to be playable it needs to read “The first time the Runner encounters Fuse each turn, end the run.” Also, why not post this in the Imaginary Cards thread? Can a mod please lock this and move these posts to that thread, thanks

I believe the correct way to make a single-encounter ICE would be:

When $ICENAME is rezzed, place 1 power counter on it. When the runnner encounters $ICENAME, if it is hosting at least 1 power counter, remove 1 power counter and $EFFECT.

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If you want the effect upon rez, you should be able to word it just like the Illicit ice with gaining bad publicity.

The main problem you might face is Blue Sun, Because they can rez it, activate it, move them to HQ and reinstall/reuse them.


I think the simple solution to ICE like this being really good in Weyland is to not give Weyland any of it…force them to spend influence if they want it. Similar to how Ashigaru has 3 influence almost certainly because of CI.


Midori is in all my Jinteki glaciers, typically untrashed until the runner flatlines :smile:

Basically this, the difference is that it’s an encounter effect and not a subroutine.

I’m fine with this discussion being moved there, I posted it in Netrunner General because it’s more about the design space rather than the specific examples and there’s no subforum for variants.

This would be a different effect; I was intending for it to be a one-shot ice, just like a one-shot icebreaker.

There are cards that interact with power counters (eg, Helium Deposit) and I think the templating doesn’t need to be that long.

I don’t want the effect upon rez though, that would lead to weird interactions with cards that allow the corp to rez ice, especially outside of a run. I think an “on-encounter” effect is probably the best way to go. Think of it as a single use Troll.

I think you’re right that Fuse might be too powerful with Blue Sun, but on the other hand it gives runners something to effectively parasite in that matchup :smile: These examples are just meant to show what I was talking about, not really as proposed cards.

In order to prevent Blue Sun abuse of such ICE, the rez cost could be 0, with an additional cost to pay when rezzed, like:

Rez cost 0, Str 0
When Fuse is rezzed , you may pay 5cr or derez Fuse.
When the runner first encounters Fuse, end the run.

It’s not that clumsy, prevents Blue Sun abuse and gives some fun interactions with forced rezzing/increasing rez cost.

Thinking about it, you could have a “Fuse cannot be removed from play”, making it untrashable (making sub boost work quite nicely with him) and no Blue Sun shenaningans.

What do people think about the one-shot surprise mechanic in general?

Fuse + midori = very happy RP

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Often the subs on normal ice will only go off once anyway - subsequently the Runner won’t run unless he can break them…

Yes, but even if the runner can break them, they still have to keep the relevant breaker out and pay the cost to break every time.

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