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Interesting Scenario, What Would You Do?

Had an interesting scenario come up today:

tl:dr - runner hits an ichi 1.0 with 1 click left, there are two programs they want to save (Datasuckers) and a bunch of money on resources.

There were two good ways of dealing with it that I saw.

  1. Click through 1 trash sub, and even if the corp boosts the trace and brain/tags the runner it’ll break them economically, and they’d have to spend the next turn clicking for creds to trash the Kati.
  2. Let all three subs fire, that way even if the corp boosts the brain/tag trace, the runner can clear the tag last click. Also an option to clone chip back a Datasucker after the Ichi, to prep for mimic later on.

What do other people think? How would you have dealt with it?

Personally I would click-break the trace and lose 2 programs, but I also don’t value my programs very much in Anarch unless it’s Atman.

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With what the runner has on the board, I might not care if I lost both suckers, but what’s worse is having to waste a clone getting one back. I think I’m favoring clicking one trash to save a clone chip. Suckers are very good for val (fixed) in this matchup. That said, I spy a knight, so maybe they aren’t THAT useful in the short term.

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Deck is Val, not Reina, hence Blackmails.

I wouldn’t have run on click 3 v. HB.

Does the deck have Deja Vu? Guessing not.


It does have Deja Vus and yes, it’s Val. Running on click 3 was unfortunate, but I had Wyldeside and no Chronotype.

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What was the point of the run? Force Rez? Sucker tokens? Create interesting lose/lose scenarios?

Just wondering. I would’ve let the Suckers die, I guess.


Whoops. Sorry folks. Was looking at it on my tiny phone screen. Doesn’t change my play.

all 3 fire, every time


Don’t run turn two in the first place. In your position I wouldn’t spend any clicks.

The trace you don’t need to worry about so much. The corp must spend minimum 4 to force the tag through. If he does do it you just last click take the money off Kati.

I would let all the subs fire and clear the tag last click. If the deck does have Deja Vus it should be fine drawing into them even with the night club out

All of the above

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My biggest question is why run when you can’t break both Architect subs if rezzed. Either way, you gotta jack out after Ichi, no matter what the choice is on dealing with it, if only because Architect firing and potentially getting a free ICE install off R&D and/or getting Breaker Bay Grid back from Archives is really annoying. (Actually, getting anything out of Archives here is pretty bad. You don’t want to hit Architect here.)

I agree with everyone else saying they’d let all three fire. Corp probably wouldn’t increase trace when they’re sitting at 5 and can’t guarantee success unless they go broke. Means you’ll likely just pay the bad pub credit to beat it before you jack out. The Datasuckers don’t really matter that much. Sure, they’re nice to have around, but I’d rather have the extra click for either Parasite, Kati, or removing the tag if they choose to actually bankrupt themselves for brain damage.

In any case, seems like a bad run. Need more money if anything, even though more clicks would also be nice.

All three fire. No way he’s pumping that trace with only 5 creds and four unrezzed ice.

The question here should be do you continue the run in case it’s architect, or cross your fingers and keep moving. I’d say probably jack out, because Architect finishing a BBG/Campaign combo in the remote will set you super far behind.

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