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Interns and drip econ

anyone else finding interns gives a bit more play to drip econ? sundew and san san are the big ones but ive found just internsing back assets like PAD and marked accounts in a pinch is highly annoying to the runner who usually had to make a moderately tough choice to go get the thing in the first place.

i know transactions are the way to go right now but i have to think at some point runners are going to get some tools that make diversifying your corporate econ package necessary.

If you’re running HB or have spare influence, Archived Memories is a more flexible version of the same thing—just somethin’ to keep in mind.

Recursion is a powerful tool for sure!

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Interns does allow you to bypass the ice install cost, which is something to keep in mind. I did try it out in a deck as a 1 of in January, it helped reduce costs defending R&D vs decks that trashed ice or made me want to trash ice, but I have since gone back to a one of archived memories.