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Introducing [BABW] - Bring Another Brit to Worlds

I suspect that it will work the same way as nationals i.e. you can play but not win the ticket.

There’s no restriction to who can participate or who can win the prizes. LCQ and Grand Final will be at Dark Sphere near Waterloo on 19th/20th September. You’d be welcome @wrathofmine.


One of the appeals of encouraging a good Netrunner circuit is that it encourages people to travel to play the game


You make me want to go to London as well. It’s only 1h30 from brussels :<


Damn, you’re making me want to come to London and I hate that place.


Best city in the world!


You should broaden your experience and travel a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome to see this kick off overseas. Best of luck on this sir. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m the one who helped to write the base guidelines :slight_smile: I’d love feedback on what works, and what should be covered in more depth for next year’s update.

This just keeps getting better and better.


Damn - I won the London Regional but am not going to nationals cos I’m in the US. Then I’m gonna miss the series until the finals, when I’m finally back in the UK. Does anyone want to let me straight into the final as a regional prize? :wink:

Get through the last chance qualifier!

Besides, you’re going to Gencon!

Sorry man, I forgot you weren’t here. Let’s cancel the whole thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @tomdidiot said there’s an LCQ on 19th you’re welcome to attend. Have fun in the U.S.

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You should be able to attend the Gencon tournament, though. And I guess if you can manage to win the american national, maybe FFG will pay your flight ticket ? :slight_smile:

Yeah, in theory, but I need to be at work pretty solidly and it’s on a Friday - so it’s a no-go. Besides, gencon from Boston would probably cost over half of worlds from London, so I think I might just try to go to worlds. The field isn’t even any harder, is it?

You’re thinking of NYC common mistake.

Hehe. That’s funny.

You couldn’t pay me to live in NYC. NY State, maybe so. Probably not. Part of it is me not liking cities in general, but there’s really nothing special about NYC except that it has the name and the Statue of Liberty.

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