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Introducing NISEI - A fan organization dedicated to continuing Netrunner

This is awesome and I’m excited to see things evolving in this direction. Thank you to everyone who is contributing their time and enthusiasm, and everyone who will be doing so in the days ahead.


I applaud the idea and am glad people are stepping up (and that they are the people they are, rock stars).

I’m hoping that the discussion is held in a somewhat open manner. By this I mean, not in slack. Slack ruined stimhack, I’m concerned that it could ruin NISEI.

Is openness of the process a goal? Or is this really more intended to take a dream team and have them hand out edicts? There would be some advantages to that way I suppose.


Yes, using an open process is a core goal of NISEI. You can check our FAQ, Mission Statement, and organizational structure for more information.


Just came here to say this is absolutely awesome and the committee looks perfect. Looking forward to this and more than happy to send my $15 of datapack money your way once a month.


Glad to have you on board :slight_smile: It is a non-profit project so you can hold on to that cash though!

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I’d also be interested in design/rules position.


Awesome! Keep an eye out as we will be further detailing the application process in the near future :slight_smile:

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I can offer you a unique testing group. I’m a Danish boarding school teacher. I’m teaching Android: Netrunner as an elective for new students every year. Our testing group would then always consist of beginners.


Well hot damn. Can you DM me on slack or twitter?


Me and my friends from Genoa, Italy (we are about 15 players) will be glad to help. Always be running.


Good to see this. As someone who has been around LCGs/CCGs since close to the beginning and been involved in virtual cards and players organisations it looks to me like you’re replicating the successful endeavours.

Focusing on organised play and keeping the community going through prize support, up to date rulings, an active central body that commands respect and so on is absolutely the place to start.

Although everyone will start pushing for virtual cards they can be divisive and a real resource sink. It is perfectly possible to continue without them (e.g. Council of Elrond for the old Middle Earth CCG which is now, what, 18 years old and still active).

I’m happy to provide what insights I have gleaned from not dying over an extended period with the caveat that I am an enthusiastic if unskilled player of Netrunner.


I am excited to see where this goes and what people suggest. As someone who has never played a card game after it was discontinued, I don’t have a clue how to organize and run a player committee like this, but it does make sense to me that we need a centralized authority that everyone can agree upon and support in order for the endeavor to succeed. Looking forward to learning more so maybe I can sustain my interest in this amazing game.


New cards are going to be a complex topic when the time comes.

On the one hand, new cards are kind of essential ro the game. I, too, was looking forward to a lot of cetrain cards rotating out. I really want new more cards down the road.

On the other, game design on this level is like composing a symphony and I am not sure that I would trust anyone who isn’t a full time designer with a rigorous resume to even have a chance at maintaining the level of quality of the breadth of diversity we have been spoiled with.

I am not saying that it can’t be achieved but…we’ll see.


Boggs and Damon were both first-time game designers when they came onto Netrunner.

That said, this is why we have an application process being set up by a knowledgeable selection committee. All of the positions we need filled need dedicated and skillful volunteers to fill them.

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I can totally understand where you’re coming from. The few times I have looked at fan-made cards for Netrunner I have always been very underwhelmed, even disappointed. This is why NISEI is looking to appoint folks with experience and strengths within the realm of design and development.

We do not intend to rush a set of cards out in three weeks. We don’t even plan to add new cards until 2019 at the earliest.


Hi everybody, I am from Spain and I am part of a group of players that are interesting on participate and collaborate with Nisei as a testing group of a part of design team. Thanks a lot.


Anybody can design a card set. Rigorous playtesting and adjusting to the resulting feedback, putting in that time and grind, is what makes the difference between not-great fan expansions and something that feels real. Good quality playtesting is hard and time-consuming and really not glamorous, and finding enough people who can do that well is not easy, so I’m glad to see a lot of volunteers for that kind of work.

Getting decent art is also hard, but one problem at a time.

If the process is good enough (design, playtest, refine, adapt, keep going until you’re happy you have something that will last) then we’ll get a good set. Taking the time to do it right is important.


This is a great idea. I would love to help, but don’t have tons of time.


Time will tell, of course.

I’d like to see cards that introduce more mind games. I think mind games are the mechanics that add the most skill and fun to the game and, although i deeply respect the game in it’s current state, i feel like there is a lot of room to expand that aspect of the game. Ngo front was a brilliant card that moved the game into a direction i found more interesting and 419, for example was a card that made the game kess interesting.

I hope new cards are more like ngo and kess like 419.

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Well, maybe everybody can design a card set, but not nearly everybody can design a good and compelling card set that doesn’t put the game in a stupid spot

I know that everybody and their uncle is now keen to “fix” the game and bring in their own design ideas, but I think it’s important that the NISEI organisation advocates continuity to FFG’s approach and conservative design at first if there are new cards. Otherwise this project risks going down immediately because nobody will want to play in their sanctioned setting anymore if it gets too weird.
I have full confidence that the current leaders will be able to find people with some actual design and development experience, though.