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Introducing NISEI - A fan organization dedicated to continuing Netrunner


Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/introducing-nisei-a-fan-organization-dedicated-to-continuing-netrunner/

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Love it! So does this mean there will be an Afterlife format with just the old cards and an undead NISEI format with expanding content? As long as our beloved online tools can keep official NISEI content alive, there’s no doubt it will work.


there will always be a home for NetRunner in Bournemouth! We’ve been looking at similar things (or a least my TO has) - so more support from the community is fantastic to see! I’m happy to help with anything to carry on :slight_smile:


We can’t say for sure what the formats will be just yet. Once the OP team is formed this will be for them to address. We do not intend to force anybody to play with any non-FFG cards.


I’m on board. Would love to help. I’m already pretty embedded in the community.


On boarded !
Ahoy voyage to the future with NISEI !


Keep me posted. I’m available to help. I love the game and I’d like to help on a logistical end if/when you need me. I have the luxury of time to handle back end tasks if that becomes needed. Whatever helps the group.


I’ll be happy to write the Story-line Inserts for the bootleg data packs. It was always a dream of mine to do that.


To fund NISEI maybe you’d want to print some awesome fan stuff. We have so much talented artists in the community, maybe they want to design alt arts, play mats, apparel and so on. We can do everything with our game!
and I need to spend my monthly Netrunner budget somehow (or my wife will cut it).


Always thought that the LCG should offer a subscription anyway.


I’d be interested in a design or creative position. I’ve already had a head start with the Mojave and Cataclysm cycle and it would be great if my designs could be refined.


This is fantastic, but are we all okay with taking a real-world Japanese-American cultural term for our card game group?


I’m happy to help out with designing/formatting stuff.


Thank you for making this happen so fast :slight_smile: Up for event organization and community management, already signed up via the sheet.

NISEI MK III! :wink: This one does not end the run ;D


I think so. It’s a reference to the game, and it is not being used in a disrespectful manner. Bonus points, it means “second generation.”


All very true, but I’m not sure that respectfulness and good intentions are enough. Our use of cultural signifiers can have unintended consequences. (I’m reminded of the argument that polyamorous folks are unwittingly and indirectly contributing to polynesian erasure through the use of the word “poly.”) I dunno, just a thought.


How is the word Nisei typically used in Japanese-American culture?

Regardless of what we name this organization, I’m glad it’s happening.


Like Orbital_Tangent says, it means “second generation” and refers to the children of Japanese immigrants. I am not of Japanese descent myself and don’t claim to be an authority, but from what I can tell it’s a pretty important identity (possibly in part due to their history in the US).


So, I do think that this is a valid concern. Let me just say that right out. Cultural erasure and fetishism is not cool.

In this case, however, I think that the usage is fine. It’s a reference back to the game/fiction (The Nisei Project, Nisei MKII, Nisei Division, Caprice Nisei, Akiko Nisei) which took great pains to display that Jinteki was a Japanese company without being overly fetishistic or othering them.


Sounds really good, I look forward to seeing how things evolve.