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Introducing Random Nets, a random number app for Netrunner players

Random Nets is a random number generator app for Netrunner players.


  • Displays when your phone is locked, so you can leave your phone’s display off for most of the game and still get random numbers without unlocking it
  • Buttons for common hand sizes
  • Buttons for ridiculous hand sizes
  • Psi button flashes your random number after a brief delay, so you can tap the button and then shield the screen with your hand

The basic idea is to replace dice for randomization. I think it’s a little quicker than rolling a die, and a little easier to shield the result if you’re rolling for a psi game. And it handles hand sizes above six easily. And it saves you from having to carry a die with your Netrunner stuff, if you don’t use dice for counting things.


Is this legal in tournaments?


The tournament rules say “Players can use dice or other external aids to randomize results, provided the randomization does not impeded the flow of the game.” It’s clearly an external aid for randomizing results, so I’d think it should be legal.

On the other hand, I could see a TO being concerned that someone with their smartphone out might use it for some other purpose, in which case I suppose they might disallow it. But I have no idea how likely that would be to happen.

I think it’s great. Just check with your TO and opponent first. If they have objections make adjustments. I’d be surprised if it was allowed at high-tier tournaments, but GNKs and such are rarely that concerned.