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Introducing: VERSUS

Hey there! It’s been a while, right?

Let’s finally see which faction is really the best.

Information and sign-ups through here!


Some updates from Versus-ville:

  1. I have obtained some highly volatile logo designs for the format: go and vote for your 3 faves here!

  2. There is a dedicated subpage on my project page for the format now, with mostly up-to-date information :wink:

  3. Thanks to everyone that signed up so far, I may be rethinking the sign-up process and just proposing one of the faction match-ups each month using a random generator (I was going to go with the most popular choices first, but it’s not that easy to pick ;-)) - this should also make it easier for people to commit, if possible.

  4. Ah, of course, there is also #versus on StimSlack now :wink:

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