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Is it possible to sell my ticket to Worlds 2018?

I’m not trying to turn a profit --just looking to [possibly] get the money back that I paid for a ticket to Worlds this year…

For a variety of reasons, I may not be able to attend, but I don’t think one of these highly coveted tickets should go to waste. Is that allowed? I don’t believe it is considered ‘scalping’ if you get what you paid for a ticket, right? (which is ~$80 USD)

I don’t think they are transferable or refundable, but I could be wrong. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “ticket scalping” either.

FWIW the whole “ticket scalping” thing is bogus. In 2007 Minnesota completely repealed its law against ticket scalping. This includes allowing you to sell your ticket for whatever someone is willing to pay you.

I do not know why FFG doesn’t want people to be able to attend their events, but it has nothing to do with scalping being illegal.

When i went last year i didn’t use my physical ticket, they looked my name up in a database. I imagine that might make transferring tickets difficult.

I was unsure if I could attend, so I sent them an email asking what to do with the ticket, or if I could get a refund or something else similar.

Haven’t gotten a reply.

Things appear to have shaken out that I can attend, though…

Nope. Can’t attend. :frowning:
Gonna email FFG again and if I don’t receive a reply by Friday, I’ll have to reach out to the ticket middleman (ShowClix) and see if I can at least get a refund.

It feels bad though because now I’ve taken someone’s spot. :cry:

Did you have any luck? I’m in the same boat. I’d also be happy to let someone just say they were me… though they’d have to put on an Australian accent.


Got a reply saying tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Gonna talk to ShowClix, then.

ShowClix had “can’t go” insurance you could buy for extra at time of purchase. Chances are without that you are out of luck. :frowning: