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ISO: Decklists for the 3v1 Format

Hi Netrunnererers!

Was thinking of doing a “Board Game Netrunner Night” and was thinking about building some “as balanced as possible” decks for the 3 v 1 format that was floated at Magnum Opus. From what I recall, the format was never tested in any way, shape, or form.

However, if there exists a few builds that are Maximum Fun, I’d love to try 'em out. Thanks in advance!


I have not played many games with it, but from my opinion:

  • Runners will usually win, so it’s more a lets play and have fun format
  • There is some combo bullshit that you can abuse to win as the corp in turn 1
  • Runners should play standard decks, otherwise if they are tuned for the format, you have no chance

So my recommendation is, find a corp deck and if you bring the runner decks, standard is good enough.

You can search for Deck on NRDB

I was looking into:

But would be very interested what you will be playing!

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these look great! In the write up for Speedy Bureau speaks to the main challenge of facing 12 clicks of runners pounding in. To make it balanced, I think I’d have to slow the runners WAYYYYYY down…maybe build runner decks that don’t have sure gamble? Maybe just armitage codebusting as their financial resource?

It would be neat if the runner decks were all three factions, but “celebrated” the weaknesses of the runner factions. (Each runner gets one good breaker and two bad breakers, and maybe Crypsis…something like that) That way the 3 runners have to really chat with eachother and plan out there, uh, 12 click turn :slight_smile:

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You could try to use the Frankfurt 30?

But I’m not sure if these decks are to weak?
And it’s true, 12 clicks is an issue! We had turns where one runners runs Indexing the others steal the agendas. Which is really bad and we managed to win against Scarcity being constantly on the board. And sure, it’s not ideal to have to similar runners.

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