It's Tricky In These Streets Here: Avoiding the Flatline

So between Consulting Visit, Argus, Salem’s Hospitality, and Zealous Judge, I feel like getting is happening to me more than it used to. I used to pride myself on my ability to anticipate the main avenues and be proactive: Have more credits than the Corp, don’t run last click, and keep a 4 card hand minimum were usually enough to keep me alive through the worst of it.

Midseasons (and NAPD/TFP/Fetal) are common enough that a 1x Film Critic has become mandatory in my runner decks, and I’ve usually used 3 Plascrete Carapace/ Sports Hopper in some combination, but I’m curious- does anyone pack more “survival” these days? And how does BOOM! change things, if at all?

It might be wiser to use things like New Angeles City Hall for the time being, if you wanted to use film critic anyway. There’s just so much going on with tags nowadays