Jack out on the first ICE and so on

Hello there! Thats again me! Your noob :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s a thing that isn’t clear for me: If I begin a run and Corp razes the first ICE, could I jack out without trigger any subroutine? Or I must suffer every effect first?
If I encount the second unrazed ICE, when it become razed, can i decide just to jack out and avoid the subroutines?

So I would know if I should jack out FIRST to approach an unrazed ICE or I could decide after I’ve seen it?

(Jinteki.net allow me to jack out everytime avoiding the subroutines)

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Tnx to all of you!

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Short answer, NO you cannot jack out until after encountering the first ice on a run, unless it’s something like data raven which lets you jack out at the on encounter point.

(After encountering and breaking or letting subroutines fire, assuming one of those subs does not end the run) You then choose to jack out OR continue the run BEFORE the opponent chooses whether or not to rez the next ice. If you CONTINUE the run, they can rez the next ice, and you have to deal with it and can once again only jack out until after you’ve encountered it.

EDIT: I recommend finding the timing structure of a run and printing it out. I have a tiny version of it in my deckbox at all times, just in case

For future inquiries, please post in this thread:

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So which is a good strategy to begin the first run? Just install every icebreaker for each ice type?! This need too much time!

I mean… How I could run if I don’t know what kind of ice I will find?!

Oh ok! Sorry for wrong topic!

Experience. Games can easily be won before you find any of your breakers. Rezzing ice costs money, and if they rez ice that just ends the run, you spent one click to make them spend credits and reveal what ice they had. This gives you time to draw up to either find the breaker you need, or tools to attack somewhere else. You also learn that against HB you should often run early in your turn, in case it’s clickable ice that you want to click through (the exception here is architect, an annoying sentry, though it’s better to have it fire once early in the game sometimes, especially if you can go check what it was used to get), against weyland you’ll often see barriers so you don’t care (caduceus is the annoying exception I’d say, and rare janus), and against jinteki, probably don’t run until you have some sort of sentry breaker, so you don’t hit komainu or cortex lock. Against NBN you can usually expect more ice that doesn’t punish you, like wraparound, unless you expect them to play a tag deck that tries to scorch you to death, so you need to expect gutenberg for example, which would give you a tag, meaning you need an extra click after the run to remove it. All comes down to experience

Corps usually don’t have the time and money to secure all servers they need to win the game early. So it means if you run HQ early and they rez Eli, you might just let it end the run, and then run on R&D to see the top card there. If they rez more ice and go broke you now have time to go find your tools, knowing they don’t have what they need to actually score agendas. Otherwise you might get to see what’s on top of R&D, if it is an agenda you steal it, if it is an operation you know they might play it, and if you know it is an ice, you now know what ice they might put down, and where, and what you need to break it.

Ultimately it comes down to practice, and experience. Just go watch some Andromeda stealth or Andromeda Datasucker decks from the last few years, or prepaid kate decks, to get an idea of how runners balance putting pressure on corps with developing their own boardstate, both in terms of economy and breakers

Thank you so much, man! You’ve been very exhaustively and kind! I’ll try to deepen this strategies and study these features of each Corp so as to make me an idea! Tnx again!

What’s the worst that could happen?

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I’ve met ICEs with devastating subroutines, like brain damages and a lot of tags… It mean that your match begin very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Take Heimdall 1.0 or 2.0 with the identity that permit Corp to begin the game with 10 credits

Then they’re down to two credits and you’re down a click to break the relevant subroutine. That’s a trade you wanna make every day and twice on Sunday.

This isn’t an absolute rule, corps will be smart about ice usage and there are some dangerous ice out there (ironically one of the worst is Architect, which does nothing to you but give the Corp a huge econ swing), but as a new player you should do your best to be unafraid of ice. Forcing the Corp to rez ice on a server they really don’t want to is a big econ hit early in the game for them.